An abundant and renewable energy and a time-tested technology, solar electricity, can meet all or part of your home’s electricity needs.

Whether your aim is to reduce your impact on the environment, gain energy independence, reduce your utility costs, or make a lasting investment in renewable energy, a photovoltaic system can meet your needs.

Americans use, on average, 5x more electricity in our homes than we did just 20 years ago.  Lower or eliminate your electric bill, and protect yourself from escalating electricity costs by going solar.


With current tax credits, a photovoltaic system is a good financial decision as well as an environmentally responsible choice. In many cases, solar installations can pay for themselves in under 10 years, and you’ll be saving money as your electricity bill is almost or entirely eliminated.  The solar on your roof can help you guard against rising utility rates and will deliver savings for up to 30+ years.


In Tucson, about 90% of our electricity comes from burning coal and natural gas, which have serious impacts on the environment and local air quality.

The average size electric system for Tucson is 6kW, which would offset on average $100 each month of electricity.  

Read more about the different solar incentives here.


Each kilowatt of rooftop solar installed can:

  • Prevent about 145 lbs. of coal from being mined and burned,

  • Save over 70 gallons of water from being used,

  • Prevent about 325 lbs. of CO2 emissions, combating global warming,

  • Reduce sulfur and nitrogen emissions, contributors to smog and acid rain.


We donate a portion of our profits to help nonprofits in Tucson, through our Pass the Sunshine program, and in some years we have offered a Solar Grant.  Go solar and help the local nonprofits that you love go solar, too.


Past Grant Recipients Include:
Southside Presbyterian Church
KXCI Community Radio
Native Seeds/SEARCH
Casa Maria Soup Kitchen

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