Solar Installer
Solar installers will work with various commercial and residential solar electric systems and requires the ability to install these with minimal supervision. Duties include installing solar electric racking systems, solar panel installation, wire and pipe runs, etc.


What makes TFS a great company to work for?

Our team is inspired by their work, their co-workers, and their own personal development, and this dedication and inspiration is exemplified in their work.

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TFS is a locally-owned Tucson, AZ business since 2003, whose mission is to help individuals and businesses translate their environmental values into practical reality. Through promoting and implementing clean, renewable energy systems, our goal is to ensure that southern Arizona's natural resources are used efficiently and with respect for present and future needs. Committed to walking our talk, we live with the systems we install, make fuel-efficient transportation choices, and strive to do business with companies that hold values, standards and ethics in line with ours.