Clearing The Air:

FOR All Things Solar

As with any emerging technology, solar can seem overwhelming to prospective customers. At TFS, we believe that a strong foundation of customer education is one of the most important requirements for the continued growth and success of our industry. 

We have created our Solar Education Portal to provide an easily accessible resource for information on the in's and out's of solar, from technological concepts like the efficiency of solar modules to simple explanations of consumer-facing tools like data monitoring. 

You may also find useful information about the process of going solar in our 'Getting Started', 'Why Go Solar?' and 'How Solar Works' pages, listed under 'Go Solar' in the top navigation.


We have made our Solar User Manual available online!

If you're a solar homeowner and are looking for additional resources specifically pertaining to your system, check out our quick start guide by clicking the image to the left, or click Here for a more in-depth, web-only explanation of how to properly understand and maintain your system.



Introducing the Solar Kids' Portal!

We have added a new section to the TFS website: the Kids' Portal - featuring educational information and resources about solar for younger audiences.

Be sure to check back often, as we will always be expanding our list of resources and regularly adding new activities and features!