For TFS customers Terri and Carol, the decision to go solar was one motivated by sustainability in both the ecological and financial sense. We recently sat down with Terri and Carol to discuss their experience with going solar, and what they have to say to others who may be on the fence about making the switch.

"I had been learning, from researching and talking to people, that solar was an option that would make a difference in terms of not only an ecological context, but also in terms of our electric bill. That was big - and in the summer, when we’re running AC, that’s a big issue.

I think we’re right on the cutting edge of a lot of sustainability stuff and so solar, I think, we probably looked at our electric bills and decided ‘We need to do something for the future!’ 

We were interested in working with TFS because I had talked to friends who had worked with them, and I knew that they walked their talk. I’ve seen some of their employees riding bicycles with all of their materials rigged up so they can go to job sites - it was just interesting to me that they were interested in sustainability themselves separately from the business.

If other people are interested in going solar, I would absolutely encourage them because we have all these beautiful sunny days and it’s a great way to move towards sustainability and make this a better place for everybody. 

Look at days like today, and most days here in Tucson, we’ve got to use that sun, so we’re happy with that!"

Keep an eye out for our upcoming Solar Story video, featuring Terri and Carol, produced in collaboration with our good friends at Edible Baja!