Surf Thru is an incredibly unique company: Being a carwash, they operate within an industry entirely based upon the usage of water, yet that doesn't stop them from setting their goals on water conservation, looking to reduce their environmental footprint as much as possible without sacrificing the quality of their service.

An average load of laundry uses roughly 45 gallons of water. A full carwash at Surf Thru uses as little as 10 gallons - all of which are recycled safely back into the environment for reuse. When cars are traditionally washed directly on the street or pavement, water runoff carries waste along with it into storm drains, resulting in as much as millions of gallons of fuel and motor oil filtering directly into our storm drains and rivers.

Surf Thru decided to go solar with TFS as part of their continuing effort to reduce their water consumption. With their 113kW solar system, 94,614 gallons of water that would otherwise be used to conduct their required electricity are offset every year!