Julio is, first and foremost, a family man. When discussing the need for renewable energy and action against global warming, Julio does so with an outlook of hopeful optimism, viewing each effort as a step towards ensuring a healthy, well-cared for planet for his grandchildren to inherit.

"I want my grandchildren to live happily on this planet," says Julio, "and the only way for my grandchildren to live happily on this planet is to begin by reducing how much we pollute now." 

Julio, in his devotion to environmental stewardship, does not plan to end his green efforts at solar: with plans to transition his family to electric vehicles, and more in the works, the quest to minimize his personal and family footprint is of great importance to him.

"I feel very satisfied because making the switch to solar is a project that I had been wanting and planning for a long time. I feel very happy to have fulfilled a goal I set out for myself."

In addition to environmental responsibility, Julio admires the accuracy and transparency of modern solar systems on a technical level: "It’s a system that truly works on its own. I know exactly how much energy the system is generating, and I know how much energy I’m using. It has very precise meters - it really is a wonderful thing, a wonderful system."

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