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The next time you look up at the sun, you’re looking at the largest source of energy received by the Earth! In one hour, more energy in the form of sunlight hits the Earth than all of humanity consumes in a full year. Solar energy is the fast growing source of alternative energy in the world, with more solar being installed in 2017 than all of the years before that combined! 

Wait, solar is growing? Does that mean that the sun is getting larger? 

No! The sun provides far more energy than we have the ability to use, but we have only recently developed the advanced technology needed to take advantage of the sun’s energy in much larger amounts and at a lower cost than fossil-fuel energy generation. 

There are two primary ways that have been developed to harness the sun’s energy: photovoltaics and thermal. Photovoltaics is the act of capturing and converting sunlight energy with solar panels, turning into usable electricity. Any time you see solar panels on the roof of a home or building, at least a portion of their electricity is being generated by the sun!  Thermal is the use of the sun’s heat to warm and create steam in order to generate electricity. Thermal is most commonly used to power facilities such as factories or dams.




Sunlight is absorbed by your solar panels, turning it into Direct Current (DC) electricity.



DC electricity from your solar panels is sent to your Inverter. Your inverter converts the electricity to Alternating Current (AC), and sends it to your electrical box to power your home.


Unused electricity generated by your solar system is sent to the Utility Grid, providing energy for your neighbors in exchange for a credit towards power you use later.




A Huge Resource
The sun sends more solar energy to the earth in one hour than all of humanity consumes in a full year!

Growing by the Day
As of 2018, there is enough solar energy installed in Arizona to power over 650,000 homes!


Reduce Your Footprint
The average home solar system reduces the same amount of pollution that is made by driving 24,000 miles in a car!


That's A Lot of Water
In Arizona, it takes half a gallon of water to generate a single kilowatt hour of fossil fuel electricity.



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