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The Montgomery & Associates, a hydrogeology consulting firm, chose to install solar energy to provide electricity for their Tucson office because utilizing renewable energy is important to them and because the investment would ultimately help them save money.  The incentives offered by tax credits and TEP also made the investment very attractive. The Montgomery & Associates solar system consists of photovoltaic solar panels resting on a custom-made steel structure.  The array also acts as shading for employees’ cars.  This particular array has a very high capacity and fits entirely on the parking canopy, which is a great alternative for businesses with restricted roof space.

In addition to the technical design and installation expertise, the company was thrilled and surprised by how easy the installation was.  Jeffrey Meyer, a Hydrologist and Principal for Montgomery & Associates stated, "this process has been a great overall experience – the entire TFS staff has been very helpful and enjoyable – made this project surprisingly easy!”