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The National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) has long been dedicated to sustainable practices and maintaining their natural environment.  In light of this, they commissioned TFS to install a 19.7 kW system for the school which will cover almost all of their electricity usage.  The system will also become part of their teaching material to students and visitors about sustainability. The solar array which sits on the roof is helping them become more sustainable and to reach their goals.  According to Lindsay Nohl the Southwest Director of NOLS, "the school has a lofty sustainability goal to reach 30% reduction of carbon emissions by 2020." Installing a solar array was an obvious way for them to reduce their carbon footprint and work towards that goal.

Apart from photovoltaic or electric solar panels, the school also employs solar hot water collectors to provide hot water to the shower houses on the premises.  They also use a variety of rain catchment systems to collect water for irrigation around the school's property.

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