Considering solar? Make the change now to take advantage of the full 30% federal tax credit before its scheduled reduction in 2020.

As of 2020, the federal tax credit for solar will reduce from the current 30% to 26%. At the current percentage, TFS's residential customers save, on average, $6,000 on their solar energy systems.

Customers interested in solar can still take advantage of the full 30% tax credit by having their system installed before the end of 2019.

We encourage anyone interested in solar to make the switch sooner than later to ensure your ability to take full advantage of the 30% credit, as scheduling in the second half of the year will experience higher traffic of homeowners looking to install before the deadline.

Additionally, The TEP solar export rate will drop by 10% (from $0.0964/kwh to $0.08676/kwh) for customers applying for interconnection on or after October 1, 2019. Anyone who has completed an application for their solar system prior to this date will lock in the current rate for 10 years.

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