Loft Cinema has gone mobile! In collaboration with Technicians For Sustainability, Loft Cinema has unveiled their solar-powered mobile movie theater - making them the first member of the Solar World Cinema movement in the US!

Peggy Johnson, Executive Director of Loft Cinema, has spent years dreaming of having the ability to bring art films, documentaries, and classic cinema to communities without convenient access to an independent movie theater, introducing a new audience to an art form that they may not otherwise be exposed to.


That dream of accessible, on-the-move cinema can now be fully realized with Loft’s new solar-powered mobile cinema, the first of its kind to debut in the US. The van utilizes a 1.24 kW solar electricity installation, comprised of 4 LG 315 W modules, paired with an off-grid inverter and battery array, installed by Technicians For Sustainability, allowing the van to store energy generated during day-time hours for evening operation, inflating the screen and projecting up to 3 hours of film and audio..

Loft’s solar-powered mobile cinema will travel to neighborhoods throughout the Southwest and beyond, as well as become a regular staple at festivals and other outdoor events in Tucson, enabling a simple solution for on-the-fly screenings of cinematic and multimedia experiences to audiences of unlimited attendance.

Read more about the Loft's new EcoVan in's recent write-up here.

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