Whether you’ve already made the switch to solar or are still thinking things over, it is easy to make small adjustments to your daily routine to reduce your footprint and live green. 

1. LED Light Bulbs: LED lighting is an incredible boost from incandescent, carrying numerous consumer benefits. LED bulbs operate at an efficiency of 80-90%, while incandescents average 20%, leaving the remaining 80% of their supplied energy to be converted to heat rather than light. LED bulbs also carry a much longer lifespan, estimated at 100,000 hours, or 22 years of 50% daily operation.

2. Reusable Grocery Bags: We all have them, we all forget them at home, but regular usage of reusable grocery bags can prevent hundreds of plastic ones from ending up in the ocean or a landfill once you have used and disposed of it.

TFS Employee Tips: 

Nicole line-dries her family’s laundry to cut down on their household energy cosumption. She shares this easy tip for ensuring your towels stay pillowy soft after air drying: “Midway through drying, take your towel off the line and give it a few good hits and shakes before returning it to the line, facing the opposite direction it was previously hung.”

Tiernay (pictured above) has a slight obsession with reusable water bottles. You'll never catch her without one, and you'll never catch her with a disposable either!