Net Metering Explanation

There are two meters for your system, the solar meter and the bi-directional (NET) meter. The solar meter is typically located adjacent to the inverter and measures the cumulative total of all energy produced by your PV system since it was installed. The NET meter is the billing meter installed by your utility company. This meter measures the difference between the electricity delivered by the utility to you and the electricity received by the utility from your PV system:

Power Delivered by Utility to Your Home - Power Received by Utility from Your PV System = Total NET Usage

Electricity produced by your PV system is used first to instantly power anything needing electricity in your home. This power is not reflected on your NET meter or your utility bill. Any excess power produced by your system that is not used instantly travels through your NET meter and into the local power grid. When you are producing more power than you are using, your NET meter numbers will go backward. When you are using more power than you are producing, your NET meter numbers will go forward.

With net metering, if your system produces more energy than you consume in a billing period, the excess kilowatt-hours (kWh) are carried forward as a credit to reduce future bills. Once a year, TEP and TRICO will buy back any credits that remain in your account as of your October billing date if you are a TEP customer or your September billing date if you are a TRICO customer. TEP and TRICO buy back credits at current wholesale rates, which are listed on their websites.

Please note: It typically takes one complete billing cycle after your system is inspected by the utility before you will see any changes reflected on your bill.


Click here to view a sample utility bill

Please call the SunShare office at (520) 918-8296 if you have questions regarding your bill.

TRICO does not currently provide a sample utility bill. Please call the SunWatts office at 520.744.2944 ext. 1524 if you have questions regarding your bill.