System Specifications:

System Size: 112.8 kW
Annual Production: 188,421 kWh
Modules: 240 SunPower 470w
Inverter(s): 2 SMA Core1 50kW Inverters
Mount: Custom steel solar canopy

Environmental Savings: (Annual)

Water: 94,211 gallons
CO2: 419,614 lbs
Miles Not Driven: 451,892

Financial Savings:

Up to $284,000 over 20 years
20%-or-more savings on energy rates for decades

Going Solar

Tucson Old Pueblo Credit Union (TOPCU) has gone solar! The credit union's new 112.8 kW system, comprised of 240 SunPower 470w solar modules, will annually generate 188,421 kWh of clean electricity, providing TOPCU with financial savings on energy, a reduction of their carbon footprint, and comfortably shaded parking for their lot.

"We couldn’t be happier that TOPCU has taken their commitment to solar one step further with a solar shade canopy installed at their main headquarters on 22nd St," says TFS Director of Commercial Solar Danielle Fidel. "As a cooperative, helping other cooperatives go solar is something that we strive for, so when TOPCU approached us about solar we knew it was a great match. Now, in addition to a significantly lower electric bill and reduced environmental footprint for TOPCU, their members can enjoy solar shaded parking while visiting their local credit union. It’s a win-win-win!"

TOPCU President/CEO Vern Babilon says:
“I grew up in the northeastern U.S. Where the sun is often not available for weeks at a time. Upon moving to Tucson, it was blatantly obvious to me that I wanted to engage the abundant sunshine – both personally and professionally. Partnering with the sun and a local solar company of high integrity (TFS) is a huge winner.”

About Tucson Old Pueblo Credit Union

"One of Arizona’s oldest credit unions, Tucson Old Pueblo Credit Union opened its doors in 1935 with 19 members and $30.75 in assets. Established by Tucson Firefighters, Police and City employees, TOPCU was originally located at Fire Station #1 in downtown Tucson. Through the years, we have expanded services and our field of membership to serve the greater Tucson community.

Today TOPCU serves more than 13,000 members with over $140 million in assets. While we remain committed to our founding philosophy of Serving Those Who Serve, we also strive to keep pace with the changing technology and services to better serve all of our members."