System Specifications:

System Size: 146.64 kW
Annual Production: 259,025 kWh
Modules: 312 SunPower 470w
Inverter(s): 3 SMA Core1 50kW Inverters
Mount: Custom steel parking shade structures and solar modules on existing carport roof

Environmental Savings: (Annual)

Water: 129,512 gallons
CO2: 576,848 lbs
Miles Not Driven: 621,221

Financial Savings:

Up to $427,000 over 20 years
20%-or-more savings on energy rates for decades

Going Solar

Tucson Federal Credit Union has gone solar! The credit union's new 146.64 kW system, comprised of 312 SunPower 470w solar modules, will annually generate 259,025 kWh of clean electricity, providing TFCU with financial savings on energy, a reduction of their carbon footprint, and comfortably shaded parking for their lot.

"As a cooperative, one of our goals is to work with other cooperatives and like-minded businesses in our community and around the US," says Danielle Fidel of TFS's commercial solar department. "Tucson Federal Credit Union is the first cooperative that we have had the pleasure of helping go solar. We applaud their long-term commitment to sustainability and look forward to working with them for years to come."

TFCU Says:

Tucson Federal Credit Union just got another shade greener by installing solar panels. TFCU chose Technicians for Sustainability for the installation because they offered the most knowledgeable service at the best value. Their help has been invaluable in creating a more sustainable business.

TFCU President/CEO Susan Stansberry says:
“We focus on making Tucson a better place to live and work, leaving behind a legacy of community advocacy. These solar panels help make sure we don’t leave behind more than we intend.”

About Tucson Federal Credit Union

"TFCU is proud to offer an alternative banking solution. We're guided by the principle of “people helping people” and we're dedicated to exceptional service."