At TFS, we pride ourselves on delivering the most personable, custom tailored experience possible to each and every one of our customers. Making the switch to solar is a huge commitment, and we want the experience to be a fond, memorable one. As a business built on positive word of mouth, we know that happy people are happy to tell their story, so please read over a few pieces of feedback we have received online, as well as our Solar Stories testimonials and Case Studies!


Randy L.    
5/5 Stars      

I've had two sets of panels installed on my house. In 2009 I interviewed Sun Power of AZ and TFS. I thought they were both well qualified, but ended up going with the smaller company (Sun Power) to help the "littler" guy. I believe Sun Power did a fine job and have had no issues to date with their equipment or installation. 

In 2013 I decided to add 10 more panels to bring my net yearly use to approximately zero.  I still wanted to stay local to benefit Tucson and to use a company that used installers that worked just for them.  I went with TFS the second time. I couldn't be happier with the entire scope of the TFS job.  They were courteous, communicated well, showed up on time, did exactly what was agreed upon and installed a professional looking system.  After the job was finished I felt that TFS had given me a quality installation at a fair price. Despite the fact that they continuously monitor the performance of my system (it's not a leased system, so I'm not sure they need to do this), they've checked in on me yearly to see if I had any issues.  

Additional point: During the TFS initial site inspection, the estimator quickly noted that a few of the Sun Power panels probably shaded a small portion of 6 other panels in late December.  I told him he was correct. I liked the fact that this bugged him, and he wanted to correct it. Although I can't remember what he added to the cost to prevent the shading, I remember it being a minor amount.  That small adjustment improved the output of my Sun Power panels 50% in late December/early January!  I'm not sure other contractors would've cared about another installation or, if asked to correct the situation, would've charged anywhere near what TFS did. TFS is a for profit company, but I certainly get the feeling that is not their number one priority.

Solar City is making a big push around the country to install leased systems at no up-front out-of-pocket cost.  Before going with such a large company that contracts out installations, I would ask that you include TFS in your bids. I believe TFS is trying to work with TEP to provide the same sort of lease system that Solar City would.


Bob M.
5/5 Stars

I searched pretty hard to find someone to install a photovoltaic solar array.  I didn't like the idea of not owning the array that would be installed on my house for many reasons.  I selected TFS because of their thorough analysis of my needs and return on investment.  I also selected TFS because they offered solar arrays from well-known manufacturers.  

I selected panels manufactured by LG - a company that I expect will be around long enough to honor a 20 year warranty.  The panels are very efficient, allowing me to install fewer panels on the roof, reducing wind and weight loads. The inverter and monitoring system are a great combination.  I find myself checking the online reporting system daily if not more often!  I have also shared the monitoring web site with family and friends.

I enjoyed working with the TFS staff - they walk the talk and are committed to doing their part to install sustainable energy solutions in the Tucson area.

Peter M.
5/5 Stars

TFS is the only contractor that has worked on my house that deserves 5 stars. The installation was done on time and is extremely professional. We are producing more electricity than TFS promised and our system should pay for itself in a little over 4 years. We've had one minor problem with the system and TFS sent out a technician the same day we called to solve the problem. This company is one that truly deserves your business.