Solar can help you lower your electric bill, save money, add value to your home, protect yourself from escalating electricity costs, and offers a switch to clean, renewable energy. By financing with a low interest solar loan, you can save money from day one.

Review the information below and contact us to figure out which option works best for you and your family.




TFS is excited to offer a TOPCU solar loan that lets you start saving from day one.

This unique solar loan program lets you go solar with little or no money down, while benefiting from an immediate savings on your electric bill. This financing option gives an overall better return on investment than a lease without the upfront cost of a cash purchase.

  • Multiple term options for repayment, with a +25 year lifespan of solar

  • Maintenance is covered under 10 year TFS workmanship warranty

  • Take advantage of tax credits to reduce cost of system

  • No prepayment penalty

  • Ease of sale: solar is considered an asset to house, reflected at resale and property evaluation