Technicians For Sustainability has helped thousands of Tucson and Southern Arizona homeowners make the switch to solar. Learn more about their unique solar stories with our Residential Case Studies!
Featured Case Studies
Julia & Steve

“My message to someone considering solar and/or battery would be don’t focus too much on the short term payback. It’s an investment in your property, regardless of whether you plan to live in it or sell it."
Cathleen & William

“I’m less concerned with my energy usage now because the electric bill is so much smaller. In previous years, I might’ve liked to drop the thermostat to 73, but I kept it at around 78 because of the cost. Now I feel like I’m using my own energy.”
Chris & Louise

“If you’re putting in a solar energy system, I would definitely recommend putting in a battery. If you’re concerned about the environment, the carbon footprint you have, and what you can do to help now: This is it. This is what you can do. It’s an investment, but it’s an investment that comes back to you."
The Johnson Family

““Ask yourself: what’s your excuse not to do it? Unless you have a roof that won’t fit solar, there’s almost zero reason not to do it. As long as you can qualify for a loan, you can go solar for zero-down and start saving money and minimizing your carbon impact.""

Solar Stories: Video Case Studies

Solar Stories: Episode 4
Julio made the switch to solar in order to ensure the best possible future for his grandchildren. In Julio's eyes, we have been given this planet as a gift, and it is our duty to keep it healthy for generations to come.

Solar Stories: Episode 3
Terri and Carol made the switch to solar as an added measure of sustainability - both environmentally and financially.

Solar Stories: Episode 2
George and Laurie want to manage their finances for retirement, and adding solar to their home was a low-cost way to not only improve their finances, but to worry about one less thing and enjoy time with their grandkids.

Solar Stories: Episode 1
Ian and Emily live in the historic Barrio Viejo neighborhood with their son and are committed to walking and biking as their primary modes of transportation. For them, adding solar to their home was a no-brainer. Like Emily says, "It's easy to make a big difference."

Additional Case Studies

“Sustainability is an every day and every minute thing for us. As responsible inhabitants of this Earth, we have a responsibility to find ways to continue to make it a healthy place to live."
Emily & Ian

“One thing that I really like about having our solar installed is that our son, and any other children that we have down the line will grow up with it being the norm. As normal as riding his bike to the store, or walking down the street to a friend’s house."
Alex & Rafael

“I want to produce my own energy and be part of the sustainable future. Not just as a worker in the industry, but as a homeowner."
Terri & Carol

“If other people are interested in going solar, I would absolutely encourage them because we have all these beautiful sunny days and it’s a great way to move towards sustainability and make this a better place for everybody. Look at days like today, and most days here in Tucson, we’ve got to use that sun, so we’re happy with that!"
J'Fleur & Tim

“Solar is a wonderful opportunity to provide electricity for yourself and others, because all of the extra electricity we produce goes back into the system and then to our neighbors. As stewards of the earth, I think that’s our obligation. We receive so much from the earth; solar is something that we can do to give back."
Laurie & George

“We had rebalanced our financials and decided that we needed to do something with our cash that wasn’t making any money. The return on solar is really one of the big things we did it for."
Bill & Linnea

“With the tax credits and the utility rebate, the numbers worked and we got serious about it. I’m a numbers guy. I’ve got all of the data in my spreadsheets."
Gretal & Raj

“I would recommend TFS. Not only is everyone very skilled and friendly, but they also have a passion for what they were doing. They rode their bikes whenever they came to meet with us and even when they installed the systems. I think I even saw a cup of tea being brewed by the sun one morning.”
Ingrid & Chris

“For me going solar wasn’t anything we had really talked about, but this opportunity came up that was so incredibly simple that I just thought, ‘Well, why not?’ It really was as simple as that.”
Trudinger-Smith Family

“Solar panels are more than just feel good technology, because it requires no coal or water. Currently, we burn a trainload of coal per day to provide electricity to Tucson. Environmentally, it makes the most sense.”
Mari & Jerry

“Solar in Arizona is a no brainer. We hardly ever see a cloudy day, so it seemed that if we could possibly manage it, we should do it.”

“I’m psyched to show off my panels. That I’m not burning fossil fuels. My goal was to create a demonstration space that would illustrate to people in my community the sustainable steps anyone can take to create an urban homestead, and hopefully inspire them to do something similar."

“Start small; any step you take is in the right direction. It’ll make you feel good and it will pay for itself. There are so many non-quantifiable benefits to the planet and living right that there are no regrets, and you may find it addictive!”

“Most people would invest in stocks and bonds, but to me these systems are real, this is it. This is part of my plan; I’m investing in my future.”

“The Southwest, and especially Southern Arizona, is considered an ideal place to have solar because of the amount of sunshine we get.”
Shefali & Gavin

“Solar has made us more cognizant of the amount of resources we’re using, both in terms of the electricity and water. I like knowing that we are contributing to energy independence in this country and lessening our environmental impact. It really matters,"
Mona & Frank

“Solar is a terrific option. Going solar saves and it is better on the environment. We’ve looked at a lot of different options over the years, and it’s just never financially been something do-able, until now."

“"I want my grandchildren to live happily on this planet, and the only way for my grandchildren to live happily on this planet is to begin reducing how much we pollute now." "