Radiology Ltd. Goes Solar with Installations at FOUR Campuses

Technicians For Sustainability, a SunPower Elite Dealer, announces the activation of four solar energy systems for Radiology Ltd. totaling 598.54 kilowatts. The three locations with solar include Wilmot Center for Diagnostic and Women's Imaging & Treatment located at 677 N. Wilmot Road, as well as the company’s Rancho Vistoso, Camp Lowell, and La Cholla offices. Installed by Technicians For Sustainability (TFS), Radiology Ltd.'s new carport solar systems consist of 1,831 SunPower 327-watt high efficiency solar panels. 

Total System Specifications:

Total Installed Solar Capacity: 598.54kW
Annual Production: 1,079,312 kWh
Est. Yearly Savings: $142324+

Annual Environmental Savings:
Coal: 1,079,312 lbs
CO2: 2,402,237 lbs
H2O: 544,157 gallons


harnessing the sun

With a history of serving the Tucson community for 83 years, Radiology Ltd. saw solar as a sound financial decision, as well as a way to give back to their local community. The solar power systems installed will help reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere while providing shaded parking for patients and staff. 

Generating an average of 1,079,312 kilowatt hours of clean energy per year, Radiology Ltd.'s solar systems are expected to offset the burning of 1,079,312 pounds of coal, the release of 2,402,237 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and the consumption of 544,157 gallons of water that would otherwise be used for the generation of fossil fuel energy according to estimates provided by Tucson Electric Power. 

Having served Tucson for over 80 years, working with local partners and keeping jobs in the community is vitally important to Radiology Ltd. “Going Green” with TFS not only helps the environment and reduces our energy expenses but also supports the local economy. In addition to the environmental benefits, the project will provide our patients with covered parking to protect vehicles from the hot summer sun!
— David Jeck, M.D., President, Radiology Ltd.


Wilmot Center for Diagnostic and Women's Imaging & Treatment

System Size: 443.09kW
Est. Annual Production: 751,000 kWh
Est. Yearly Savings: $100,000+ 

Annual Environmental Savings:
Coal: 751,000 lbs
CO2: 1,760,000 lbs
H2O: 400,000 gallons

Vistoso Diagnostic Imaging Center

System Size: 62.78 kW
Est. Annual Production: 110,035 kWh
Est. Annual Savings: $16,145

Environmental Savings:
Coal: 110,035 lbs
CO2: 245,100 lbs
H2O: 55,000 gallons


System Size: 40.55 kW
Est. Annual Production: 77,825 kWh
Est. Annual Savings: $11,935

Environmental Savings:
Coal: 77,825 lbs
CO2: 173,425 lbs
H2O: 38,930 gallons

LA CHOLLA center for diagnostic IMAGING & treatment

System Size: 52.32 kW
Est. Annual Production: 100,452 kWh
Est. Annual Savings: $14,244

Environmental Savings:
Miles Not Driven: 240,921 lbs
CO2: 223,712 lbs
H2O: 50,227 gallons

About the Radiology Ltd.

Radiology Ltd. is dedicated to providing premier diagnostic and interventional radiology services to Southern Arizonans, with seven locations to serve its patients and healthcare providers. Radiology Ltd. strives to offer its patients the very best quality of care and customer service. Radiology Ltd. is committed to making a positive difference in its community through involvement. Each Radiology Ltd. employee is a key member of the team and critical to its growth and success. At Radiology Ltd., “We Take Care of Those Closest to You.”


About Technicians For Sustainability

Technicians For Sustainability (TFS) is a locally owned, mission-driven business, committed to walking their talk. They provide businesses, public institutions, and residential homeowners with high-quality, clean, renewable energy systems, helping to translate environmental values into a practical reality. The company employs proven technologies to meet customer’s specific needs, including solar electricity and solar hot water heating. TFS has installed over thirteen megawatts of solar power in Southern Arizona. For more information about Technicians For Sustainability visit 

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