Congratulations on your new solar energy system!  Whether your aim is to reduce your impact on the environment, gain energy independence, reduce your utility costs, or make a lasting investment in renewable energy, TFS hopes that your new photovoltaic (PV) system will meet your needs. Below are some links to important documentation related to your PV system.  Please scroll down the page to access information/documentation on the following:

  • How Your PV System Works and Understanding Your Utility Bill
  • Sample TEP Utility Bill
  • Federal and State Tax Credit Information
  • Photovoltaic Module (Solar Panels) Documentation
  • Inverter Documentation
  • Links to Data Monitoring Websites

How Your PV System Works and
Understanding Your Utility Bill

Click here for an overview of how your system works and understanding your utility bill


Sample TEP Utility Bill

Click here for a sample residential TEP utility bill

Click here for a sample commercial TEP utility bill

Federal and State Tax Credit Information

Click here for an explanation of what you need to apply for federal and state tax credits. TFS should have emailed you a copy of the documents related to your system that you will need to reference when file your taxes.  If you did not receive a copy of these documents after your system was installed, please contact TFS at 520.740.0736.


Photovoltaic Module (Solar Panels) Documentation


SunPower Modules

LG Solar

Hanwha Modules

Hanwha Module Warranties:

Hanwha Module Datasheets:

REC  Module Datasheets:

REC Module Warranties:

SCHOTT Modules

SCHOTT Module Warranties:


Inverter Documentation


SunPower SPRf Inverters

SunPower SPRm Inverters

SPRm Inverter Warranties:

SunPower SPRp Inverters

Fronius IG and IG Plus Inverters

Fronius Inverter Warranties:

SMA Sunny Boy Inverters

SMA SB Inverter Warranties:

Power One Inverters

PV Powered Inverters

PV Powered Inverter Datasheets:

PV Powered Inverter Manuals:

PV Powered Inverter Warranties:

Enphase Microinverters

Advanced Energy Inverters

SolarEdge Inverters

SolarEdge Inverter Datasheets:

SolarEdge Installation Guide:


SolarEdge Inverter Warranties:


Data Monitoring Systems


Data monitoring allows both you and TFS to monitor the performance of your PV system remotely via the Internet. TFS uses data monitoring to regularly assess your system’s performance and ensure that your system is continuously operating at peak performance.

If you purchased a data monitoring system, please select your system below and click on the corresponding link to login to the website and access the performance data for your PV system.

SunPower Data Logger and Gateway

  • SunPower Monitoring System:
  • Click on “Residential”
  • First-time users, click on “Register” and follow the steps on the subsequent pages to setup a user name and password

SMA Sunny WebBox and WebConnect

Fronius DATCOM

Enphase Envoy Communication Gateway

PV Powered Performance Monitoring System (PVM1010 Data Monitoring Module)

Power One Aurora Vision Prime