Offshore Group is now powered by the sun! Their 284.48 kW system, comprised of 1,106 LG Mono X 280 watt modules in the form of custom steel parking structures, provides comfortable shading to over 100 parking spaces at Offshore Group’s Tucson facility while offsetting 95% of their yearly electricity needs – roughly 493,900 kWh – with cleanly produced solar energy.

Committed to providing employees and community members with a visible example of environmental sustainability and responsible reduction of the company’s footprint, going solar was a clear way for Offshore Group to demonstrate a model of environmentalism for others to follow. Offshore Group’s solar system will annually offset the environmental impact of burning 493,896 lbs of coal, releasing 1,100,364 lbs of CO2 into the air, and the consumption of 246,948 gallons of water for the creation of fossil fuel electricity.

According to Executive Vice President and CFO Jeff Prileson, “Offshore was interested in a solar solution that made economic sense while providing a visible signal to employees and the community of our commitment to conservation principles. Our location in sunny Tucson, the support of government and utility policies, the availability of a trusted local supplier, and the bonus of having shaded parking for our staff made this an easy decision.”

About Offshore Group

Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, The Offshore Group employs nearly 100 people in the United States and is actively involved in binational and regional development efforts that are ultimately aimed at strengthening the manufacturing capacity, competency and competitiveness of the U.S. and Mexico.

Offshore’s strengths lie in dealing with Mexico’s workforce, handling international logistics, complying with regulatory requirements and providing the brick-and-mortar factory operations in Mexico so that clients can focus on making good products, delivering them on time and operating at the lowest possible cost.

System Size284.48kW
Estimated Monthly Production41,185kWh
Module Number & Type1,106 LG Mono X 280w
InverterSMA Tripower Inverters
PV MountingCustom steel solar shade structures,
Monthly Environmental Savings41,158 lbs of Coal
91,697 lbs of CO2
20,579 gal of H2O