Behind every great installation, there’s a good story — meet Mohyeddin.

Mohyeddin Abdulaziz has turned his home into a working model of sustainability by installing solar electric and solar hot water systems as well as rainwater harvesting cisterns. He is no stranger to renewable energy systems, having installed solar hot water during the Reagan administration.

Mohyeddin explains, “Solar has always been on my mind. We have the sun, how do we make use of it? Many parts of the world use solar energy, so I have been aware of it for a long time. When there was the opportunity for me to install my first solar hot water system 25 years ago, I did it.”

As an avid gardener and someone who commutes solely by bike, Mohyeddin says the key to happiness is simple: you must work to positively influence your surroundings. “I am Palestinian and I was raised to appreciate the land, the earth, the plants, sun, and rain, I have always been close to nature, it’s where my heart is. I always saw my father working on the land. And that’s how my appreciation for nature started.“

This nature advocate looks at his solar energy systems, water harvesting, biking, and gardening as pieces to a bigger picture, “Not only do each of these steps compliment one another, but they contribute to a good life both from a health perspective and a financial perspective. The math tells you how beneficial installing these systems is financially. You save money on your electric bill, water bill, gas for the car, and growing your own vegetables saves you money on your groceries.  But what I really enjoy is the amazing feeling that you are not only benefitting as an individual, or only benefitting your family, but you are doing a great thing by helping the environment and humanity, in general. “

Mohyeddin explains his process in going solar, “When we thought about going solar in 2008, we had many people come and give us estimates. We decided to go with TFS, not only because of the competitive price, but the approach was completely different. TFS came and took measurements, spent a lot of time answering all of my questions, and provided a lot of information.  There was no ambiguity about it. It’s important to tell people what they are getting and how it will work for them. TFS told me what they where going to do, and they did exactly that. And, the installers are great people. We are very satisfied.”

The solar energy systems are not robbing nature of anything. Everyday, nature gives us sunshine to use, and we in turn can give back to nature. That’s the wonderful thing about it.
— Mohyeddin

Mohyeddin offers two bits of advice for others considering going solar, “It’s not as expensive as many people think, when you figure in the utility rebate and the tax credits. But, people need to know that the financial incentives will not be there forever, so it’s best to do it sooner rather than later.  Others may also want to know that you can also install solar in stages. You can get a system with a few panels and add to it down the road. This is exactly what we did; we added 1.72 kW onto our 5.15 kW system a year and a half after we first installed it.  The important thing is to just get started, so you can see the advantages.”

As of 2019, Mohyeddin has further expanded his sustainability measures with the installation of 3 Tesla Powerwall's for battery storage.

“We came to battery through the same motivation that brought us to solar in the first place over a decade ago. We feel that we have a responsibility towards our earth, our environment, to do whatever we can to help provide a healthy and safe environment for generations to come.

One of the ways to do that is to reduce our production of contaminants to the air and water by using a resource that is readily available to us: the sun. There is also a sound economical incentive. Now that we’re retired, it’s nice not to have huge electric bills, and you know what to expect with leveled expenses.

Although we were already self-sufficient, the utility have changed some of their policies, so it seemed like we were paying them more than we used to. We started looking for solutions, but we were aware that we couldn’t add more solar panels because our roof is already covered, so we needed another solution. I began reading about battery technology getting better, so I was delighted when I saw that TFS was now installing that technology. I went to one of the demonstrations TFS held and decided I wanted to do this.

The design of the system was fabulous - it was very efficient and we didn’t have to do any modifications to our home. 

When TFS first tested the system by disconnecting our home from the grid, we didn’t notice anything, which is amazing. We don’t lose power often in Tucson, but it gives us a safe feeling. The fact that it is seamless - that you don’t have to do anything; the system just goes from the solar to the batteries to the grid. It’s just so smooth and efficient.

We’re very happy and we’re delighted that these solutions are available and are looking forward to the next ones.”

“For us, batteries complement what we’re doing with regards to solar, gardening, composting, and rainwater harvesting. Sustainability is an every day and every minute thing for us. As responsible inhabitants of this Earth, we have a responsibility to find ways to continue to make it a healthy place to live.”

System Size:6.88kW
Estimated Monthly Production:945kWh
Module Number & Type:32 SunPower 215w
Inverter:1 SPR 7000m
PV Mounting & Pitch:Pitched, 32 & 25 Degrees
Battery Storage:Tesla Powerwall (3x)
Monthly Environmental Savings:894 lbs of Coal
1,990.9 lbs of CO2
3.4 lbs of NOx
5.6 lbs of SO2
447 gal of H2O