Technicians for Sustainability design and install several types of custom water harvesting systems for your specific goals and site conditions. Currently, we are not accepting new Water Harvesting contracts. However, if you would like to view a list of other local water harvesting companies, please visit Brad Lancaster's website. If you have further questions, please contact us.

Passive Rain Gardens

By shaping the ground to promote the flow of rainwater to native or food-producing plants, we are practice what is known as “passive” rainwater harvesting, and create low-maintenance, self-irrigating rain gardens. Passive rain gardens prevent rainfall from running off a property as storm water, and require little to no irrigation after plant establishment.

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Rainwater Storage Cisterns

Large or small, rainwater tanks allow a home or business to use their existing roof as a functional part of a rainwater harvesting system. Stored rainwater can be used to hand water landscape gardens, pressurized and tied into an irrigation system, or pressurized, filtered and brought into the house as the main water supply.

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Greywater Harvesting

Water from laundry, sinks, or showers is considered “greywater”- not fit for drinking but great for landscape irrigation! By using water twice, you can increase your efficiency.

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