Water from laundry, sinks, or showers is considered “greywater”- not fit for drinking but great for landscape irrigation! By reusing water, you can maximize your water efficiency.

Pay Once, Use Twice

Greywater is simply wash water from showering, dishwashing, sinks, and laundry. It comprises 50-80% of residential "waste" water. This, however, does not include water from toilets (known as "blackwater"). Instead of using fresh drinking water for landscape irrigation, greywater can be used instead and the fresh drinking water reused for other purposes. Given that plants thrive on used water containing small bits of compost, utilizing greywater for irrigation is a natural step in any landscape application.

Greywater Systems

Greywater systems can be retrofitted to existing buildings or incorporated into new construction sites. The most simple system, a gravity greywater irrigation system, involves plumbing directly from fixtures to mulched, vegetated basins sized for the expected greywater output. For other situations, it may make more sense to plumb greywater to a temporary tank, where a pump immediately carries it to other parts of the landscape. This method can be helpful if greywater needs to travel long distances to reach recipient plants, or to minimize ponding of greywater from intensive use. As greywater turns to "blackwater" within 24 hours, we do not advocate greywater storage.

Gravity Greywater irrigation System Click the above link for a full system description. PLEASE NOTE: The user of any greywater system assumes the responsibility of using appropriate soaps and detergents. Appropriate soaps for greywater, such as Ecover and Oasis brands, are sold at various Tucson stores.

TFS follows all AZDEQ guidelines for greywater systems.

Talk to TFS about installing a greywater system at your home, business, or new construction.