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Lower or eliminate your electric bill, and protect yourself from escalating electricity costs by going solar.
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Reduce Your Monthly Payments

With current tax credits, many solar installations can pay for themselves in as little as 7-8 years, and you’ll be saving money from day one as your electricity bill is almost or entirely eliminated for up to 40 years.

Tucson is Saving with Solar

Our expert technicians have designed over 2,000 money-saving solar systems in the Tucson area. We will provide a free customized payback schedule to show you how much money you will save from day one.

Financing Options
Go solar for as little as $0 down and begin saving from day one with fixed monthly payments lower than your current electric bill.
A 20 year, low interest solar loan allows for savings on your electricity bills from day one, and free energy for the rest of your system's lifespan once paid off.

Enjoy free energy production for the lifetime of the system and the highest financial return on investment by purchasing your solar system up front.

About TFS
Technicians for Sustainability is a Tucson based, locally owned, mission driven company specializing in renewable energy and sustainable technology for residential and commercial settings.

Since 2003, TFS has helped thousands of home and business owners in Southern Arizona make the switch to solar. Known within the community for “walking their talk,” TFS employees live with the systems they install, and are deeply devoted to supporting the local culture of Tucson.

With a strong commitment to quality and community loyalty, TFS is dedicated to transparency in their process and delivery of the highest quality, most efficient custom solar solutions for each of their customers.

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