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Performance monitoring allows both you and TFS to monitor your solar electric (PV) system remotely via the Internet. TFS regularly assesses your system’s electricity production to be certain that your system is continuously operating at peak performance.

With performance monitoring, you can see exactly how much electricity your system is producing, and track your environmental benefits and financial savings since the solar system installation. In real time, monitoring records, stores, and presents your system’s daily, monthly, and annual performance using easy-to-understand diagrams and graphs.

Offered with SunPower Data Monitoring, Consumption Monitoring clearly shows your household’s electrical consumption, side by side with your system’s electricity production.  This can be used as a tool to monitor and potentially reduce your electrical usage.

How does Performance Monitoring Benefit You?

Assure Optimal Performance - Monitoring your system enables us to quickly assess if your system is down or under-performing due to solar panel shading, excessive accumulation of dust, or a possible component glitch.

Monitor Solar Savings – Easily understand the financial benefits of your solar electric system by tracking how much you have saved over the lifetime of your system. Leverage your savings by assessing your household’s energy use and optimizing net metering.

Quantify Environmental Impact – Using clear dynamic graphs and charts, performance makes it easy for you, your family, and friends to understand the environmental benefits of your system.

Measure History & Trends – Easily view long-term trends in energy production and usage patterns under various times of day and year. You can even compare daily, monthly, or annual information.



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