Cyclovia Solar Bike Tour by Technicians For Sustainability

Where: San Antonio Park Activity Hub (Point 'B' on the map!)
When: 11AM, Sunday, April 10th

Activity Hub Locations:

A: Lost Barrio Activity Hub
B: San Antonio Activity Hub
C: Miles Activity Hub
D: Sam Hughes Activity Hub
E: Himmel Park Activity Hub

1. 440 S Park Avenue
2. 428 S Santa Rita Avenue
3. 1416 E 10th Street
4. 1511 E Miles Street
5. 1803 E 9th Street
6. 2048 E 7th Street
7. 2042 E 5th Street
8. 2022 E 5th Street

9. 2121 E 3rd Street
10. 2309 E 3rds Street
11. 825 N Norton Avenue
12. 2634 E 4th Street
13. 2415 E 3rd Street
14. 2430 E 2nd Street
15. 2428 E 1st Street

Join us for a guided bicycle tour of 15 solar installations along the Cyclovia route, highlighting home and commercial solar electric and solar hot water installations in the downtown Tucson area!

The guided tour begins at 11AM from the Technicians For Sustainability booth at the San Antonio Park Activity Hub, but you're welcome to use the map posted above to take the tour any time, at your own pace!

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