Technicians for Sustainability, TFS, is looking for an individual with a demonstrated commitment to sustainability, a high-level of organization, and excellent communication skills to work as Customer Communications Coordinator.

Job Description:
This position primarily involves work with residential customers, as well as coordinating and scheduling TFS personnel, to track job status and ensure continuous communication, and provide status updates to customers. Tasks include but are not limited to:
• Status reports/updates
• Post-bid through post-installation
• Follow up on estimates
• Notify contract received
• Update customer on process, incl. tentative install date
• Notify of firm installation date
• Notify of system inspection pass
• Walk through/photos
• Job scheduling in coordination with Project Managers
• Schedule inspections
• Submit utility paperwork
• Develop customer owner-manuals
• Assist Admin Coordinator

• Detail-oriented with a high-level quality of work
• Excellent communication skills-both written and oral
• Deep personal commitment to sustainability
• Experience with supervising and coordinating others
• Strong organizational skills
• Excellent teamwork skills -- ability to foster a positive team environment through collaborative decision making
• Some understanding of solar energy, energy efficiency, sustainable technologies
• Independent worker who can see what needs to be done and do it
• Self-motivated

To apply: Submit resume with a full letter of interest, in PDF formatting to - or click the 'Apply Now' button below. Be sure to tell us what interests you about the position and what you would bring along to it.

Technicians For Sustainability, LLC is a locally-owned Tucson, AZ business whose mission is to help individuals and businesses translate their environmental values into practical reality. Through promoting and implementing clean, renewable energy systems, our goal is to ensure that southern Arizona's natural resources are used efficiently and with respect for present and future needs. Committed to walking our talk, we live with the systems we install, make fuel-efficient transportation choices, and strive to do business with companies that hold values, standards and ethics in line with ours.