We take pride in surpassing expectations and celebrating successful installations. Therefore, there may be instances where we are unable to provide an e-quote by assessing your site online. In this case, contact TFS for a free site visit from one of our knowledgeable solar professionals. In order to assess any significant differences, all accepted and signed proposals are subject to inspection in order to assess roof integrity, roof shading concerns, service panel suitability, and other considerations.

When should I request a site visit?

At TFS we value the human connection, and there are benefits to a site visit.  A site visit enables us to design a system that’s perfectly tailored to your specific energy needs. Our experts can provide creative solutions for space or shading limitations, and we can increase the solar capacity by getting the every most out of your roof.

When should I request an E-quote?

An E-quote is right option for those who are confident that they want to move forward with solar, have a lot of roof space, and who may not have the time for a 1 1/2 hour site visit.