Many new organizations that are thinking about installing a system like to speak to other businesses and nonprofits who have had their systems installed by TFS. We are compiling a list of businesses that would like to serve as a reference for others.
We would like to help promote your mission by bringing attention to your organization through solar. Here are several ways in which commercial customers like TFS to promote their systems. Please let us know which you are interested in.
Do you give TFS permission to include your project in our online portfolio? We have spent a lot of time making our website as all-inclusive as possible. One of the sections we believe is very beneficial to customers (past, present, and yet to come) is the Portfolio. All photos can be altered to omit any identifying information. Note: If you would like to be included in our portfolio in an anonymous way (ex: Central Tucson Business) please check below. If so, all photos used will be stripped of identifying information.
Other Marketing Materials:
Note: print marketing will be sent to customers before going live for approval.
Your feedback is important to us. Please answer the following questions so we can continue to grow as an organization. (Note: Some of this information may also be used in your press release or case study if either of those options was chosen.)