TFS's 2010 grant recipient is Native Seeds/SEARCH (NS/S). This non-profit organization is based in Tucson. They are committed to conserving the aridlands-adapted heirloom agricultural crops of the Greater Southwest and promoting the crops and agricultural traditions that have evolved with the harsh conditions of this desert region. NS/S has worked hard to make their mission a reality, and as a result, they outgrew their 485 square foot seed bank. Through a capital campaign effort, Native Seeds' has a new 7,000 square foot facility that will be a model of sustainability. In addition to solar power, rainwater harvesting, and use of sustainable building materials (e.g. recycled blue jean insulation), this facility will be home to demonstration gardens, historic orchards, and a community classroom space. According to Byrn Jones, Executive Director of NS/S, "Our [NS/S] goal is to become a showcase in the community for green building." In an effort to help support NS/S's goal to have a facility with as small of a carbon footprint as possible, TFS donated the labor to install a 9.18 kW PV system. This PV system will save the non-profit approximately $1720 in annual operating costs. This system will also help to offset nearly 32,000 pounds of carbon dioxide (a direct contributor to global warming) and save 7,160 gallons of water annually.