Bookmans Sports Exchange has gone solar!Bookmans Sports Exchange, the latest addition to the Bookman’s resale stores family has gone solar!  TFS custom designed, installed and configured the 49.7 kW solar electric system in coordination with Bookmans’ complete remodel of the space. In addition to providing much-needed shade for the building’s south entrance and 13 adjacent parking spaces, the steel structure incorporates high-efficiency solar panels made by industry-leader SunPower.  Notably, using these high-efficiency SunPower®panels allowed TFS to design a system that will deliver over 30 percent more energy than conventional panels. With their motto “Good for your pocket, good for the planet”, Bookmans strives to be environmentally conscious in all their stores – making electric vehicle chargers available to the public, implementing energy management systems for their The solar shade structure helps keep customer's cars (and bikes) cool.  HVAC, and using environmentally friendly products wherever possible. The construction of the new Speedway and Country Club location enabled Bookmans to go to the next level, using energy-efficient T5 lighting, repurposed materials and water sensors in the restrooms.

“We've been talking about viable ways to add solar to one of our facilities for years because we believe in Tucson it is the right thing to do,” said Bookmans president Sean Feeney.  “Our new Bookmans Sports Exchange store provided the perfect opportunity. And with TFS as an amazing partner in the process, we couldn't pass it up.”

The power provided by the parking structure – Bookmans’ first solar project – will help offset the electrical needs of the store and the car chargers. The system also includes a data monitoring display located on top of the drink cooler behind the cashier counter which shows staff and customers how much energy the system is producing at any given time, and historically. Over $120,000 in savings is projected over twenty years.20130823_123329_web

TFS’s own Kevin Koch said, “We applaud Bookmans for choosing to make solar a priority at their new facility and we are especially honored that they chose to work with us to help them provide renewable energy and financial savings to the store.”