Solar Installer
This position will work with various commercial and residential solar electric systems and requires the ability to install these with minimal supervision. Duties include installing solar electric racking systems, solar panel installation, wire and pipe runs, etc.

Warehouse Technician
This position will assist in keeping our warehouse operating at high efficiency.

Solar Electrician
This position will work with various commercial and residential photovoltaic (solar electric) systems. Duties include installing inverters, disconnects, meter bases, running conduit, AC and DC wiring, grounding of equipment, maintaining clean & safe work area etc.

Solar Permit Technician
This position will support the drafting/permitting team in preparing for and acquiring permits from the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Customer Communications Coordinator
This position primarily involves work with residential customers, as well as coordinating and scheduling TFS personnel, to track job status and ensure continuous communication, and provide status updates to customers.

Administrative Assistant
This position will work primarily with TFS office personnel, to complete necessary forms and paperwork preparation.

Solar Support Technician
This position is responsible for general administrative support duties, responding to new solar interests, and supporting prospective customers on their path to going solar with Technicians For Sustainability.

Bookkeeping Assistant
This position will work primarily with TFS Finance Manager, to complete necessary bookkeeping and paperwork preparation.

Solar Data Monitoring Technician
The Data Monitoring Technician requires a person with the unique combination of technical & communication skills able to ensure a smooth experience for customers and to ensure that their photovoltaic (solar electric) systems and related data monitoring are functioning at optimal performance. DM Tech will actively monitor photovoltaic systems through a variety of internet-based platforms, detecting problems and communicating with clients, manufacturer technical support, and TFS staff to assess and address issues.

Solar Designer/Drafter
The Solar Designer is responsible for designing residential solar energy systems for Technicians For Sustainability.