Producing hot water for your business can use a lot of energy, and in some cases is the largest energy user after heating and cooling. Capitalizing on the abundance of sunshine in southern Arizona, solar hot water systems offer a reliable, renewable, and cost effective solution for hot water needs.

For businesses that have a constant and significant hot water demand, solar hot water systems may provide an excellent return on investment and environmental savings beyond what is possible with photovoltaics. With current state and federal incentives  it is an attractive option for many business owners, especially if any of the following apply:

  • Current hot water heater(s) is electric
  • More than 100 gallons of hot water are used per day
  • You own the building(s) and have roof space available for solar collectors

How it Works

TFS installs two different solar hot water systems specifically suited for the Southwestern environment.

Drainback and Glycol systems are designed to be immune to freeze damage and fully operational for 20 years or more. Both systems are active, depending on pumps to move heat exchanger liquid from collector to tank, and closed loop, meaning your domestic hot water is never on your roof.

Drainback System


Glycol system

A drainback system uses gravity to drain the distilled water heat exchanging fluid from the outside system components when not in use. While the sun is shining, the heated water is circulated through the collector and drainback tank, heating your domestic hot water.

During the day, glycol in the collector is heated and circulated in coils through the hot water tank, heating your domestic hot water.