Did you know that TFS is a certified B Corp?

At TFS, we believe that corporations and businesses are not only instruments of social change but have a responsibility to support our communities and the natural environment. We are proud to be part of the B Corp movement and support the belief that corporations exist to sustain thriving communities.

Becoming a certified B Corp has been a way to formalize the commitment to moving beyond profit to include planet and people. We hope that our involvement in the B Corp movement inspires our customers and our partners to continue to make changes, as we all focus on doing well by doing good. 

As of fall 2018, it brings us much excitement to announce that TFS has successfully applied for and received re-certification as a B Corp for our third time. Each certification period lasts for a span of two years, after which participating companies are reassessed.

Visit our B Corp profile here to learn more about what contributes to our overall impact score.



The goal at Technicians For Sustainability is to ensure that Southern Arizona's natural resources are used efficiently and with respect for present and future needs. With that in mind, TFS is committed to enhancing their community through making high-quality solar accessible to everyone.

In everything they do as a company and as individuals, the team at TFS strives to walk their talk. This means tackling things like lower impact transportation, enhancing employee health, clean energy use, purchasing with integrity, and giving to the community through outreach, education, and donation programs.

Most staff have biked to work for the last ten years, and the company has a fleet that includes customized bicycles and trailers, hybrid and all electric vehicles, and the most fuel efficient trucks available for the job.

At their downtown Tucson office, TFS utilizes a solar assisted hydronic heating system, generates electricity with a 12.4 kW solar energy system, and leverages battery storage. Priority is placed on local, and socially and environmentally responsible products and vendors, from paper products to work uniforms to web designers.

As part of their connection to the local community, TFS works with local schools and community organizations to implement education programs, provides internships to youth, sponsors several non-profit groups, and offers a variety of giving programs for nonprofits. Additionally, through a Solar Grant Program TFS has provided seven local non-profits with solar energy systems, allowing them to reduce their bill payments and redirect those funds toward supporting their own missions.

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