Animal Health Hospital initially chose to install solar panels at their facility to reduce the business’ environmental footprint, but their switch to solar made economic sense too.  The system will produce 2,919 kWh per month, helping the hospital save $360 a month, in addition to offsetting 76,500 lbs of CO2 annually.

“Having solar power has significantly reduced my energy expenditures,” says Dr. Kipp Metzger, the director and owner of the Animal Health Hospital.  The solar panels will cover 75-80% of the hospital’s electricity needs, saving the business thousands of dollars in utility expenses every year.  “My energy savings will completely pay for the system in about 4.5 years.”

While the financial benefits are great, the main reason Dr. Metzger chose to install a solar array on his business was to reduce its impact on the environment.  “I believe strongly that we need to take care of our earth and a huge way that I can do that is to significantly lessen my carbon footprint.”  Metzger lives with solar power that covers 100% of his home’s electricity needs, and by making his business just as efficient he has taken a huge step in reducing his footprint.

The striking system array is set up on a custom-made steel shading structure that allows the 60 SunPower solar panels to catch the sun’s rays, supply electricity to the hospital and help shade the building.  This last feature is important as the shade provided by the panels helps the building maintain its temperature in the summer, thus reducing its electricity usage, a technique called passive solar.

Essentially, solar is a good investment financially, environmentally, and from a marketing and community-standing point of view. Knowing that I am doing all of this with one investment makes me feel really good!
— Dr. Kipp Metzger, Owner

The solar electric (photovoltaic) panels allow the Animal Health Hospital to get most of its electricity from the sun, so they can continue to focus their energies on helping Tucson’s beloved pets.  “At Animal Health Hospital we understand the impact a pet can have on one’s life. Whether to lounge on the couch with, to play catch with after school or to take on a challenging weekend hike – your pet is a valued family member and we give them the care that they deserve.”


System Size19.08kW
Estimated Monthly Production2919kWh
Module Number & Type60 SunPower 318w
Inverter3 SPR 7000m
PV Mounting & PitchCustom steel frame, 32 degrees
Monthly Environmental Savings2,480 lbs of Coal
5,523 lbs of CO2
9.4 lbs of NOx
15.6 lbs of SO2
1,240 gal of H2O