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Water Harvesting

West Tucson Residence

As their neighborhood is facing their well running dry, this home boasts the unique feature of water independence.

Old Fort Lowell Residence

This rain garden features native flowering shrubs along the raised pathways which double as water harvesting berms.

Barrio Hollywood Residence

This resident chose simple rain-catching earthworks and native plants to transform a barren residential lot to a lush desert oasis.

Catalina Vista Residence

This residence used two cisterns to maximize rainwater catchment without constricting access around the house and yard.

West Tucson Residence

This customer's commitment to water conservation is further emphasized by their backyard landscaping- Sonoran desert natives and an artificial lawn.

Durham/ Waterinckx Residence

This site offers a working model of sustainable living by using harvested rainwater, laundry greywater for landscape irrigation, solar PV and solar hot water systems.

Poet's Square Residence

This Tucson family boldly displays their commitment to environmental stewardship by placing a 1,300 gallon polyethylene tank on the streetside of their house.

Bolding Residence

This residence chose to visually frame their cistern to demonstrate the importance placed on harvesting rainwater.