"When we decided that it was time to stop renting and purchase a house, we knew we were going to be in the same place for at least 10-15 years at the minimum.  Once we had determined that, getting a PV system installed became one of our first priorities for the economic benefits of long term ownership, but more importantly, so that that we can leave this home (and its impact on the environment) better than when we had found it.  Taking care of the environment requires everyone to do their part, and this is a great first step for us. "One of the best things about the system is knowing that I have taken one of the biggest environmental steps I could take.  Energy use is quickly becoming the single biggest expense to people and largest damager to nature.  I’m now doing my part to curb both of those situations."

When asked if they used any other renewable energy technologies, they said "Not yet, but we intend to.  Our future plans include a grey water irrigation system, water reclamation, and (if we have the room for it still) a solar water heater.  If we can’t do solar water, then converting to an electric tankless system would be in place and we also intend for our next vehicle purchase to be a plug-in hybrid or fully electric vehicle.

Solar power is simply the only option anyone in southern Arizona should be thinking about.  With all the incentives from the local, state, and federal level with regards to solar, there simply is no reason why any homeowner shouldn’t be looking into solar power for their homes.  Solar power is one of the biggest ways we can leave the world a better place."

- Jeremy and Emily