Tucson AZ Home Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Richard Clingaman and Dennis Embry both felt passionate about taking personal steps to combat global warming. They have taken big strides to insure that their home a working model of sustainability, by installing low-e glass windows, Heatstop Acrylic Skylights, and replacing their air conditioner and furnace with a new energy efficient model. Furthermore, Richard and Dennis are looking at additional actions, such as ordering a Nissan LEAF, they can take to further reduce their electricity usage and the burning of fossil fuels. Given the strong environmental values of these homeowners, installing a solar electric (PV) system seemed like a natural step. Richard and Dennis told us they appreciated that the installation crew was joyful, careful, and willing to teach them about the installation process. They also told us that they appreciated the care used to seal the roof to prevent any leakage and felt the installation of their system was "superb." Richard and Dennis enjoy how much extra energy their system is are generating and look forward to charging their new electric vehicle with renewable solar energy.