Tucson AZ Home Solar Hot Water Panel

This household chose to install a solar hot water system, because they realized that our planet's resources are finite. They felt obligated to make a big change in the way they preserve the environment, because they want future generations to enjoy all the earth has to offer. Installing a solar water heater made sense to them, because the large amount of sunlight Tucson receives. A bonus was the lower initial cost due to  rebates, plus the financial value it will add to their home.   They liked that TFS was able to design the best system to help combat shading challenges. They felt that all off the TFS team was extremely knowledgeable, hard working, and professional. This family stated that the, "employees all seemed passionate about what they do, and it seemed more than just a job for them."  This household also has a solar electric system,  drives a hybrid car, composts, line drys their clothing, and uses solar powered landscape lighting.