Incorporating photovoltaics, solar hot water heating, and rainwater catchment cisterns, this university area home has significantly reduced their gas, electricity and water consumption. The following is a statement from the homeowners:

Building a green home had been something that we had dreamed about doing one day but it’s not something that’s going to happen anytime soon. So we decided to convert our existing home into a green home at least as much as we could. We installed solar hot water, a PV system and three cisterns. Kevin helped us determine the size of system, which is (now that we’re not using the A/C) producing more power than we’re using. He also provided invaluable advice on the cistern installation even though we did most of the work ourselves.

The house was built in 1940. It’s a green home on the historic register. At just over 900 square feet plus a garage that was converted into a studio it seemed very small at first and we considered an addition. But then we realized that we really didn’t need any more space for just us. So we decided to go green instead of go larger.

I would recommend TFS because not only is everyone very skilled and friendly but also have a passion for what they were doing. They rode their bikes whenever they came to meet with us and install the systems. I think I even saw a cup of tea being brewed by the sun one morning. The TEP refund process was painless - TFS did all of the work and we received the check about six weeks later.