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Installed in May of 2012, the Temple Emanu-El solar array produces around 30,500 kWh each month, enough to power 87-94% of the site's electrical consumption.  The 630 panels sit on two custom steel structures that shade most of the north parking lot.  Temple Emanu-El had been looking for a shade solution for their parking lot, and when the option to go solar and have shaded parking came around, they were very excited.

The biggest barrier to going solar for Temple Emanu-El was the perceived cost. After learning about TFS's financing options for non-profits, they found that they could see immediate savings on their electric bill with no out-of-pocket cost.  Over the next 20 years, their system will save over $500,000, which they can then direct back into their ministry.

For Temple Emanu-El the environmental savings provided by the solar panels are an added bonus to the shade and financial savings.  In describing their commitment to the environment, Temple Emanu-El found this passage from Ecclesiastes/Kohelet 1:4 applicable, " ... the Earth remains forever."