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St. Francis-in-the-Valley Episcopal Church turned on their solar electric system at the end of March in 2012.  Their 59.22 kW system offers them financial savings and also allows them to fulfill their "Biblical responsibility to protect our God given earth and environment," says Carl Perry, a St. Francis parishioner and one of the main driving forces behind the church's switch to solar. The process for St. Francis in the Valley started on Earth Day in 2010, when Perry attended a Solar Seminar held by the Interfaith Council of Green Valley.  There he learned that with a third party investor a solar system for St. Francis would be economically feasible.  Now, the solar system covers 95 - 99% of the electricity needs for the church, and they will see over $113,000 in savings in the next twenty years.

When asked about St. Francis' sustainability goals Perry says, "Solar has planted a seed that I hope grows."