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TFS Becomes a Certified B Corporation

Technicians for Sustainability becomes a Certified B Corporation

Locally owned solar installation company joins prestigious group of ethical companies committed to environmentally and socially conscientious business practices. Using Business as a Force for Good

Tucson, Ariz. (August 5, 2014) Technicians For Sustainability (TFS), a locally owned and operated solar installation company in Tucson, announced today that it has completed a rigorous certification program to become the first Certified B Corporation in to be headquartered in Southern Arizona.

"B Corporations have committed to high standards of social and environmental performance and accountability. Much of it falls into the category of things we at TFS have already been doing," says co-owner Kevin Koch. "By joining the B Corp community and going through the certification process we can support and help grow a movement we believe in, a movement that believes corporations and businesses are not only instruments of social change but have a responsibility to support our communities."

Since its beginning, TFS has striven to provide renewable energy systems to homeowners and businesses, using high quality, clean, proven technologies. Their mission is to ensure that Southern Arizona’s natural resources are used efficiently and with respect for present and future needs. Committed to practicing what they preach, most TFS employees live with the systems they install, make fuel-efficient transportation choices, and whenever possible, do business with companies that hold values, standards, and ethics comparable with theirs.

B Corporations are a new kind of company which use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Aspiring B Corporations must qualify through a comprehensive assessment which measures a company's impact on its employees, suppliers, community and the environment.

TFS joins over 1,045 other mission-driven Certified B Corporations from more than 60 industries in 32 countries with 1 unifying goal – to redefine success in business. Koch says, "We are excited to continue to grow as a business and to strive for more positive change and impact."

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About Technicians For Sustainability

Technicians For Sustainability (TFS) is a solar energy design-build firm helping businesses, public institutions, and homeowners translate environmental values into practical reality. The company employs reliable technologies, including solar electricity and solar hot water, to meet customers' specific needs. TFS has installed over nine megawatts of solar power in southern Arizona. For more information about Technicians For Sustainability visit

About B Corp

Certified B Corporations meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, legally expand their corporate responsibilities to include consideration of stakeholder interests, and build collective voice through the power of the unifying B Corporation brand. As of June 2014, there are more than 1,045 Certified B Corporations from over 60 industries and 32 countries, representing a diverse multi-billion dollar marketplace.

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Tiernay Marsh Technicians For Sustainability 520-740-0736

TFS becomes a Certified B Corporation - Press Release


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASElsa_logo_lightContact Info: Kylie Walzak, Cyclovia Tucson Event Coordinator Living Streets Alliance P.O. Box 2641 Tucson, AZ 85702-2641 520. 261.8777


Tucson, AZ (March 19th, 2014) – Cyclovia Tucson returns to Downtown and the City of South Tucson on Sunday April 6th, opening five and a half miles of city streets to pedestrians, cyclists and people-powered wheels of all kinds from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. The annual event - presented by Living Streets Alliance - temporarily transforms Tucson’s streets into safe recreational space, open and accessible to everyone, and is a proven cost-effective way to introduce thousands of Tucsonans to sustainable, healthy, safe and active transportation habits.

Last year, more than 25,000 Tucsonans from every zip code took the first step towards a less car-dependent and healthier future by lacing up walking shoes and hopping on their bikes. Already the largest event of its kind in Arizona, 2014 is shaping up to be even bigger. With two music festivals anchoring the north and south end of the route on April 6th, organizers are expecting a record turnout.

"Tucson is a bike-friendly city and Cyclovia Tucson is just one example of that. We are committed, as a community, to providing our citizens with access to safe physical activity that promotes health and wellness, such as biking and walking," said City of Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild. "We're also committed to developing sustainable transportation systems which include biking and walking. On Sunday, April 6th, take a stroll - or leisurely ride - through downtown's unique neighborhoods. Discover new businesses and make some new friends, all while getting a little sunshine and exercise. Hope to see you at Cyclovia Tucson."

Cyclovia Tucson has grown into one of the region’s most exciting initiatives to promote the benefits of active transportation and healthy lifestyles. With dozens of free activities, games, entertainment, and local businesses located within easy walking or biking distance along the route, Cyclovia Tucson helps make the possibilities of our streets visible to all who attend.

“Living Streets Alliance – the organization that presents two Cyclovia events each year – is really working to show Tucsonans that our streets can be retrofitted to do so much more than just carry cars and the results are quite pleasing to everyone,” said Living Streets Alliance founder and Executive Director, Emily Yetman. “Adding protected bike lanes, converting parking spaces into parklets, calming traffic with native plants that also provide shade – these are all techniques that will be demonstrated at Cyclovia and they are all examples of what LSA envisions for our streets.”

Cyclovia Tucson is made possible by the support of Pima County, Pima Association of Governments and the City of Tucson. The 2014 season of Cyclovia events is also supported by Cox Communications, Technicians for Sustainability, Cigna, Allstate, the University of Arizona Medical Center, and the Greater Arizona Bicycling Association (GABA).

Kevin Koch owner of Technicians for Sustainability noted, "As a business owner, I see true value in supporting Cyclovia Tucson. This event helps to strengthen the vibrancy of our community, while energizing the reality of active, livable streets. Ultimately, it's good for business, for the community and for individuals."

Make it a car-free day! Sunday April 6th is a day filled with fun, healthy, family-friendly events all across Tucson including: Tucson Hullabaloo in Armory Park (April 5th-6th), the Fería de Sur Tucson in the City of South Tucson and the first annual Viva La Local Food Fest. The organizers of these events encourage Tucsonans to use people-powered transportation for the day and take advantage of the Pima County Loop system and the City of Tucson’s bikeways, such as Mountain Avenue and Third Street, to access the events.

For participants heading to Downtown Tucson from farther away, parking is available at several locations near the Cyclovia Tucson route. Visit to download a copy of the route map and locate parking.

For more information on Cyclovia Tucson visit

For more information on Living Streets Alliance visit


Technicians For Sustainability & Easter Seals Blake Foundation Celebrate Installation of State-of-the-Art Solar Parking Shade Structures

For Immediate ReleaseContact: Nicole Koch Office: 520-740-0736 Email:


Technicians For Sustainability & Easter Seals Blake Foundation Celebrate Installation of State-of-the-Art Solar Parking Shade Structures

Over $600,000 in utility savings for the non-profit projected over 20 years


TUCSON, Ariz. (November 7, 2013) – Easter Seals Blake Foundation, one of Southern Arizona’s largest non-profits, will be celebrating the completion of a new solar parking shade system with a public open house and reception on November 14th at their new headquarters, 7750 East Broadway Blvd.  Tucson-based solar company, Technicians For Sustainability (TFS), designed and installed this 346 kW system, which covers over 100 parking spaces, to power the Foundation’s 50,000 square foot campus.

The steel structures provide shade for a large portion of the parking lot and incorporate high-efficiency solar panels made by industry-leader SunPower®. Notably, using these high-efficiency SunPower®panels allowed TFS to design a system that will deliver over 30 percent more energy than conventional panels would allow at this site.

Easter Seals Blake Foundation CEO Ema Kammeyer said, “Technicians For Sustainability have a vast comprehension of this technology, yet they convey it seamlessly to non-tech audiences. They really made it accessible and understandable for our board to have complete confidence in moving forward with this installation. True professionals.”

While cost has long been perceived as a barrier to “going green”, Technicians For Sustainability assisted the Easter Seals Blake Foundation in securing financing for the project that, due in part to federal and TEP incentives, will have no upfront costs to the organization. Also, the Foundation reports it anticipates that after eleven years the cost of electricity at the campus will be virtually nothing, with a projected $600,000 - $1,000,000 in savings over the next twenty years alone. The savings would be enough to offset state budget cuts and provide 50 working poor families, every year, with tuition assistance to its nationally accredited childcare program.

In addition to the financial benefits, the move to solar reinforces Easter Seals Blake Foundation’s organization-wide mindset of environmental accountability.

"Tucson will be a better place to live because of the forward looking vision of organizations like Easter Seals Blake Foundation,” said TFS President, Kevin Koch. “Not only are they lowering their operating costs for the long term, enabling them to serve the community more effectively, but they are building a cleaner future for our community by producing their electricity with solar energy.”

Easter Seals Blake Foundation’s Solar Open House and Reception is Thursday, November 14 from 4:30 to 6:30pm at their headquarters, 7750 East Broadway Blvd. For more information, or to RSVP for the event please contact Jennifer Turner at


About Technicians For Sustainability

Technicians For Sustainability (TFS) is a locally owned, mission-driven business, committed to walking their talk.  They provide businesses, public institutions, and residential homeowners with high quality, clean, renewable energy systems, helping to translate environmental values into practical reality.  The company employs proven technologies to meet customers’ specific needs, including solar electricity and solar water heating. TFS has installed over 7 megawatts of solar power in southern Arizona.  For more information about Technicians For Sustainability visit

About Easter Seals Blake Foundation

Easter Seals Blake Foundation has been providing services to children and adults with disabilities since 1950. Their educational, therapeutic and community living programs are designed in accordance with their mission: to enable each individual served to discover and meet his or her maximum potential for independent, productive living and developmental growth. For more information please visit

About SunPower®

SunPower Corp. (NASDAQ: SPWR) designs, manufactures and delivers the highest efficiency, highest reliability solar panels and systems available today. Residential, business, government and utility customers rely on the company's quarter century of experience and guaranteed performance to provide maximum return on investment throughout the life of the solar system. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., SunPower has offices in North America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. For more information visit

About the project

Tucson Electric Power estimates that a project of this type results in the following environmental savings:

  • Water NOT used in the production of electricity: 27,700 gallons/month
  • Coal NOT burned to produce electricity: 55,410 lbs/month
  • Carbon Dioxide NOT emitted into the atmosphere: 123,400 lbs/month
  • Lifetime benefit to air quality is equivalent to planting 2,482 trees

Amicus Solar Cooperative

Amicus Solar Cooperative, of which TFS is a founding member, was interviewed by SolarPro Magazine.  The interview discusses Amicus' role in facilitating the exchange of ideas between other local (although in different markets) companies, as well as increasing each individual company's purchasing power through group-buying, among other things.           Link: Stephen Irvin, Amicus Solar Cooperative

Casa Maria Food Drive

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Casa Maria Soup Kitchen's solar system, we're hoping to raise awareness and fuel a small food drive for Casa Maria.  Who's with us?

Casa Maria Soup Kitchen's solar systemThe solar soup kitchen helps feed many hungry people each month, and an extra donation always helps!  Please drop off donations at the TFS warehouse, at 612 N 7th Ave (north of downtown), or you can drop if off directly to Casa Maria at 401 E 26th St (south of downtown).

Suggested food donations include:  Pinto beans, mayo, mustard, coffee, sugar, canned goods, fresh fruit, tomato sauce (or anything like it), fresh vegetables, any kind of meat, anything that would go in a bag lunch.  They can use almost anything.

They are also in need of some volunteers so if you have a couple hours to spare, sign up to volunteer at their website.  The kitchen is open every morning from 8:30am - 11:30am, but if you cannot be there the entire time, please stop by for an hour or two.

There are many different donation options.  To find something that works for you, please check out the Casa Maria website.

Casa Maria received a matching solar grant from TFS in 2011.  To learn more about their donated solar system you can check out the Casa Maria case study on the TFS website, go directly to the Casa Maria website, or check out this news article from KVOA.


The Tucson Nature Conservancy's solar turns 5!

Tucson Nature Conservancy Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Station The Nature Conservancy, an international organization, is dedicated to preserving the lands and water necessary for life on Earth.  They have been operating in Arizona for many years and besides their Tucson office, have 6 satellite campuses and preserves.  The Nature Conservancy has long been dedicated to "walking the talk" and took a big step five years ago when they installed their first solar system.

Donated by Tucson Electric Power (TEP) and installed by Technicians for Sustainability (TFS) in 2008, the small 2.8kW system was added to again in 2010.  The entire system is now 92.2kW and provides 95-100% of the electricity used by the Tucson campus, which lets the The Nature Conservancy create their own electricity and "walk the talk."

For the Tucson branch, one of their most important goals is to help conserve and preserve natural water resources.  The entire facility practices water harvesting with several cisterns both above and below ground and have worked very hard to create a natural landscape, complete with native plant species and rainwater catchment basins.  Even the specially designed gravel driveway helps prevent water runoff by capturing the water and encouraging it to sink into the soil and eventually, the Tucson aquifers.  The solar helps with their goal as well by offsetting 6,587 gal of water each month that is used for conventional electricity generation.

In addition to their on-site energy efficiency and conservation measures, The Nature Conservancy  has an electric vehicle (EV) charging station, powered by the sun.


Tucson Nature Conservancy Solar Parking Array

Arizona Nature Conservancy Campuses with Solar:

  • Tucson Nature Conservation Center- 92.2kW system installed by TFS in 2008 and 2010 saves 79,000 gal of water from being used to create conventional electricity annually.
  • Muleshoe Ranch Cooperative Management Area- 14.6kW system installed by TFS in 2011 annually offsets almost 60,000lbs of CO2 annually.
  • Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve - 12.6kWh system also installed by TFS in 2011 saves over 22,000lbs of coal from being burned each year.
  • Hart Prairie Preserve in Northern Arizona

Youth-Centered Bike Camp Builds Skills and Confidence Over TUSD Fall Break

Tucson (September 4, 2013) - El Grupo Youth Cycling presents a special installment of its Youth Summer Bike Camp during TUSD’s Fall Break from October 7-11, 2013 for youth aged 7-13 years old. 100% of participants’ parents recommend our camps to others!
Through our Youth Bike Camp program your child’s confidence, knowledge, and skills increase in a safe, fun and peer-led environment. Activities focus on developing safe-riding skills, mechanical knowledge, and bike handling for each skill level, as well as exposure to health and wellness, environmental stewardship, air quality issues, and recycled art through a series of hands-on experiences…and FUN!
The weeklong camp session costs $150. Availability of scholarships for the October session is made possible through sponsorship from Specialized, Fair Wheel Bike Shop, and University of Arizona Health Network. Scholarships are based upon need and availability. Email to request an application ASAP.
Campers begin and end each day at Technicians for Sustainability Warehouse located at 612 N. 7th Ave, near 6th Street and 6th Ave, just north of downtown. Campers begin the day at 8am and end at 12:30pm.
Camp is designed for youth aged 7-13 years old. Perfect for Middle School aged youth!
Pima County DOT Bicycle & Pedestrian Program is the title sponsor. All camp counselors are certified bike safety instructors through the League of American Bicyclists. El Grupo youth (aged 14-18) gain hands-on peer mentoring and job experience as Pima County Youth Bicycle Ambassadors. Additional sponsorship provided by Technicians for Sustainability, Specialized, Clean Air Program, BICAS and more.
Register and more info at the event website:

TFS on Arizona Illustrated

Arizona Illustrated recently did a series of articles on solar in Tucson.  They spoke with Hank Krzysik, architect and parishioner at Our Mother of Sorrows , Kevin Koch of Technicians for Sustainability and a number of houses of worship that have decided to install solar to provide for their electricity.  The series looks into environmental stewardship and the opportunities for non-profit organizations to go solar. Our Mother of Sorrows Goes Solar, Story by Kirstin Kirner

Don't Call It Sun Worship, Story by Tony Paniagua

Solar Wanes in AZ With Fewer Incentives, Story by Tony Paniagua

TFS on Downtown Low Down

Danielle was invited to speak on KXCI Community Radio to discuss our 2013 Open House that took place on Feb. 28th. KXCI Community Radio

St. Monica's Church- TFS's 2012 Solar Grant Recipient!

Technicians for Sustainability (TFS) has long been concerned about the environment and the community.  It is our belief that to help one is to help the other, and in our line of work, we are happy to be able to do just that.  By installing solar hot water and solar electricity across Tucson, we are partnering with our customers, both home and business owners, to make the changes we think are critical to helping our environment  and our community.  As a testament to this commitment, TFS has offered a solar grant to Tucson nonprofits for the last few years. Each year TFS has invited nonprofits that qualify as 501(c)(3) organizations to apply for our solar grant.  Since the program’s inception in 2008, TFS has been able to offer a variety of grants, both full and matching for many different organizations across the Tucson area.  Giving a solar energy system, either solar electric (photovoltaic) or solar hot water, allows us to give back to our community by helping organizations reduce their energy bills, which allows them to redirect those funds towards their community-supporting missions.

We look for organizations that share our dedication to community and the environment even if they are not directly involved in environmental issues and who have already started on the road toward making their premises more eco-friendly.   Awarded in 2008, our first grant recipient was Arts for All, which provides accessible art education, training and experiences to children and adults with and without special needs in central Tucson.  This nonprofit exercises recycling and bring your own bag programs to reduce landfill waste and also replaced high water use plants with a native landscape.  Since then, we have been able to donate solar energy systems to Southside Presbyterian Church, KXCI Community Radio, Native Seeds SEARCH, Casa Maria Food Kitchen and Amity Foundation.

Our latest recipient is St. Monica’s Roman Catholic Parish.  Located in the East Tucson area, St. Monica’s was founded in 1964, and boasts approximately 3,000 members.  TFS was impressed by their commitment to a green remodel that is already dramatically reducing their energy consumption, making them more energy efficient.  Specifically, the church is replacing an entire wall of single paned windows, which are notorious for being poor insulators, with better insulation.  The money saved from the solar system for St. Monica’s will allow the church to make more energy efficiency adjustments, save more money and provide better care to their congregation and community.

The grant was awarded at the beginning of June, 2012 and will be installed at the church later this year.  We will keep you informed of the process through a real-time blog, complete with pictures of the installation, interviews with different church members and culminating in a blessing ceremony for St. Monica’s new solar system.  Check back to learn more about St. Monica’s solar!

Read about the installation process here.

New Southwest Gas Solar Hot Water Incentive

Tucson Electric Power (TEP) has been offering incentives to switch to solar hot water for several years and now Southwest Gas is offering their own incentive.  The new Southwest Gas rebate has limited funding, and is a great deal.  If you need an excuse to save the environment and reduce your monthly expenses, then check it out now, before it’s gone. Homeowners can take advantage of the rebate which offers $15/rated therm, up to 50% of the total cost. This rebate works best under the following conditions:  current Southwest Gas customers with more than four people in the home, and/or large hot water usage, with room next to the current gas water heater for a second storage tank (25 square inches).  If you fall into this category then solar hot water may be a great, financially savvy option for your home.

The system works by keeping the existing gas water heater and adding an additional solar hot water storage tank.  Water will be taken out of the solar tank first, and when it is exhausted the gas heater will take over.  Each day as the sun rises, the hot water in the solar tank will be replenished and the gas tank will stand in as the backup.  Using this system, home owners can save up to 70% on their hot water energy consumption.

A solar water heater will help you reduce your impact on the environment while allowing you to save money at the same time.  Not only will the system provide hot water without consuming as many resources as a traditional hot water tank, but you will also be protected from escalating fuel costs since sunshine is free and abundant!

Learn more about the Southwest Gas rebate here.

St Francis in the Foothills Honors Nature with Solar

Tucson, AZ- June 25th, 2012- St. Francis in the Foothills United Methodist Church is proud to announce the adoption of solar electricity that now powers their facility, including the church itself and the adjacent International School for Peace preschool.  Their main motivation to install solar power on the church was to uphold their vision statement, which is “to inspire and guide each other to an awakened life by engaging with each other, our community, the Earth and the Divine.” According to Mari Sorri, the Chair of Trustees at St. Francis, the vision statement and the new solar system “reflect in part our deep commitment to the Earth.”  Sustainability is built into their practice as “we believe that the Earth and Nature is a sacred text, like the Bible and other inspired texts.” St. Francis will be celebrating their newest commitment to God and the environment on July 1st with a blessing ceremony for their solar panels.

Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño, of the Desert Southwest Conference of The United Methodist Church, commended St. Francis, saying, “The use of solar panels to provide nearly all of the church's electrical needs demonstrates true care of God's creation, not to mention a great financial savings for years to come! I am thrilled with the outstanding example that St. Francis in the Foothills United Methodist Church has given all of us.”

St. Francis in the Foothills has long been devoted to sustainable practices.  Not only do they have recycling programs and use efficient appliances, but the campus also practices water harvesting for use in irrigating their predominately native plants landscape.  They also recently installed two Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations through the Federal Government's stimulus program.  These will pull their power from the solar panels, giving EV owners clean electricity and transportation.

St. Francis's solar system is unique because of the beautiful design of the bifacial solar panels that are used to frame the church's entrance.  The panels allow light to filter through the shade structure, and also collect light and energy from both sides.  By using these modules on the canopy, the church is making a statement:  solar is not only useful, it is also beautiful.

Installed by Technicians for Sustainability (TFS), the solar system consists of arrays on many of the Church's complex of buildings, and also a shade canopy across the entrance to the church.  192 high-efficiency SunPower modules are arranged on the roof while 60 Sanyo bifacial panels take center stage on the canopy at the church entrance.  The 70kW system will provide 77% of the facility's electricity, producing approximately 10,500 kWh each month.

The solar system will allow the church to reduce its impacts on the Earth by keeping 25,000 lbs of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere each month, over 11,000 lbs of coal from being burned and over 5,500 gallons of water being consumed (for electricity production) each month.  Solar is also helping the church save money: over the course of 20 years, the church will see a cumulative savings of $238,000.


About St. Francis in the Foothills United Methodist Church

St. Francis in the Foothills United Methodist Church is committed “to inspire and guide each other to an awakened life by engaging with each other, our community, the Earth and the Divine.”  They are a Reconciling Congregation, intent on building a community which takes seriously the effort to wed the deepest intention of our faith with the widest dimension of our world.  For more information visit

About Technicians For Sustainability

Technicians For Sustainability (TFS) is a locally owned, mission-driven business, committed to walking their talk.  They provide businesses, public institutions, and residential homeowners with high quality, clean, renewable energy systems, helping to translate environmental values into practical reality.  The company employs proven technologies to meet customers' specific needs, including solar electricity, solar hot water heating, and water harvesting.  TFS has installed over a megawatt of solar power in southern Arizona.  For more information about Technicians For Sustainability visit

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Tucson Church Saves with Solar

Tucson, AZ- April 17, 2012- St. Philip’s In The Hills Episcopal Church is celebrating the completion of their solar power system. Installed on three covered parking structures, this project was made possible by a generous gift from dedicated parishioner Dr. Donna Cosulich. The solar system allows the church to save money and make a public statement about their commitment to being responsible stewards of the world. It will serve as an example to the parishioners that protecting the environment is simple, practical and cost effective.

St. Philip's dedication to solar power and the environment is not a new commitment. The St. Philip's Green Team has been investigating and enacting ways for the church to 'green' their image since 2005. The Green Team was founded by Dr. Cosulich who passed away this January after seeing solar become a reality for St. Philip’s. The Green Team’s goal is to “explore the wonder of our world, addressing our roles as citizens and people of faith as we wrestle with potential global climate change." In addition to supporting the new solar system, the Green Team sponsors educational forums on environmental topics, publishes a "green tips" brochure and has many other programs designed to bring attention to ways parishioners can make small changes to 'green' their lives.

Bruce Plenk, Solar Energy Coordinator for the City of Tucson, said: "It's great to see churches join with the City of Tucson, doctors' offices, veterinarians' offices, bookstores, pizza places, office buildings and many homes in Tucson in going solar. Congratulations to St. Philip's In The Hills, its Green Team and Technicians for Sustainability on the completion of this wonderful solar project."

The financial savings will be immediate for St. Philip’s. The church acquired the project through a lease, leaving them to collect the savings each month. Over the course of 20 years, the church will see over $500,000 in cumulative utility savings.

Designed and installed by Technicians for Sustainability, St. Philip's 160 kW solar electric (photovoltaic) system is estimated to generate 24,000 kWh per month. The system consists of 522 SunPower modules and will provide over 90% of the entire facility's electricity needs, encouraging the church to take further energy saving measures. The system has the added benefit of offering shaded parking to visitors, improving the quality of the St. Philip's experience.

In keeping with their desire to be stewards of the environment, St. Philip’s new solar structures will save 24,100 lbs of coal and 12,050 gallons of water from being used to generate electricity each month. Their new source of electricity also prevents 53,670 lbs of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere each month. According to the Rev. Dr. Tom Lindell the solar array “will keep on giving … not only in a significant savings in electrical costs but also in the long-term benefit to our fragile ecosystem of avoiding putting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as a result of burning fossil fuels.”

St. Philip’s will be celebrating the completion of their system on Sunday, April 22nd with a dedication and Earth Day ceremony. Please join them at 12:15p.m. after the last morning service to celebrate their great accomplishment and dedication to the environment and God.


About St. Philip’s In The Hills

St. Philip’s strives to be “a strong and loving community that welcomes, encourages, and empowers all to grow in Christ and to do God’s work in the world.” Through our vision invitation, “come and see … grow with God … go and do,” we invite all persons, regardless of demographic factors and faith expectations, to experience God, to learn and be formed spiritually, and to develop their individual gifts with which to serve God in the world through St. Philip’s more than 90 active ministry groups and programs. More information is available on our web site:

About Technicians For Sustainability

Technicians For Sustainability (TFS) is a locally owned, mission-driven business, committed to walking their talk.  They provide businesses, public institutions, and residential homeowners with high quality, clean, renewable energy systems, helping to translate environmental values into practical reality.  The company employs proven technologies to meet customers' specific needs, including solar electricity, solar hot water heating, and water harvesting.  TFS has installed over a megawatt of solar power in southern Arizona.  For more information about Technicians For Sustainability visit

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Technicians for Sustainability 2012 Solar Grant Open Applications

Tucson, AZ – February 1, 2012 – Technicians for Sustainability (TFS)  is proud to announce the opening of our 2012 Solar Grant application process.  Starting immediately we will be accepting applications until March 21, the Spring Equinox. The TFS grant program is funded by 1% of our revenue to help non-profit groups install renewable energy systems.  This program includes both matching grants as well as full grants.  The matching grant calculates the retail cost of the system, subtracts the utility rebate, and then TFS pays for 50% of the remaining amount.  The full grant calculates the retail cost of the system, subtracts the utility rebate, and then TFS pays for 100% of the remaining amount.

The grant is open to nonprofits in Tucson, AZ who qualify as 501(c)(3) and who share our values of sustainability.  You can find more information about the solar grant itself, past grant recipients and the application materials on our website:

About Technicians For Sustainability:

Technicians For Sustainability (TFS) is a locally owned, mission-driven business, committed to walking their talk.  They provide businesses, public institutions, and residential homeowners with high quality, clean, renewable energy systems, helping to translate environmental values into practical reality.  The company employs proven technologies to meet customers' specific needs, including solar electricity, solar hot water heating, and water harvesting.  TFS has installed over a megawatt of solar power in southern Arizona.  For more information about Technicians For Sustainability visit

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Swim, Bike, Run – Powered by the Sun

Tucson, AZ- January 13, 2012:, Tucson’s very own triathlon, cycling, running and swimming gear shop, is now generating up to 100% of their electricity from solar power.  The 128 kW solar electric (photovoltaic) system, designed and installed by Technicians for Sustainability, consists of two solar arrays mounted on custom built steel shade structures and a third array mounted on their roof.  The panels will produce over 19,000 kWh per month which has the potential to cover all of the electricity the business uses. is the first triathlon shop to get even close to generating 100% of its electricity from solar power in the United States: they’re winning the race for sustainability.

The addition of this solar system at reaffirms the company’s dedication to sustainable practices.  The 128 kW solar system saves 18,560 lbs of coal from being burned each month and 41,400 lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.  Perhaps most importantly, the solar array will save approximately 9,280 gal of water each month as compared to traditional electricity generation. This fact is often overlooked but is extremely significant in the Sonoran Desert where we live.

Sustainability has always been a goal of and solar is just the latest addition to a larger integration of sustainable practices.  Seton Claggett, CEO of, shared this, "Three years ago I told our staff and our vendors that we would be on solar within the next 5 years, and here we are.  This is a large investment for us but it is the right thing to do for our environment, our staff, our customers, our  vendors and for our future generations.” has two large rainwater cisterns that collect and store up to 36,000 gallons of water at a time, which is then used to irrigate the landscaping. The company also made the switch to energy efficient lighting with their latest  renovations, which significantly reduces their electricity consumption.

Not only was installing their solar system an environmentally-conscious decision, but it also makes sense from a financial standpoint.  The system will offer a four and a half year payback period, a 10% rate of return, and for the first twenty years the solar system will  save the company over $467,000.

Bruce Plenk, the City of Tucson’s Solar Coordinator, congratulates on their new solar system.  "I am impressed with the foresight and leadership of Tucson businesses like who have chosen to be leaders in installing solar using their sunny rooftops as well as their parking areas to generate electricity, reduce our urban heat island and save their business money. This is a wonderful example that I hope other Tucson businesses will see and follow. Thanks to for showing the way to a solar future in our Solar America City!"

About is an industry leader in triathlon, swim, bike and run retail, starting out of the home of Seton and Debbie Claggett in April 2000.  Eleven years and two moves later, occupies 32,000 square feet of retail, warehouse and office space with 50+ employees. is more than just a retail presence, however; the company is also very involved with growing the sport through partnerships with races, clubs, teams and other endeavors, like being a founding member of Triathlon America, as well as being actively involved in the local Arizona community. also has a non-profit company, TriSports Racing, which puts on the Deuces Wild Triathlon Festival, certified as a silver-level green event through the Council for Responsible Sport, and is a founding member of their Community of Practice, an effort to ensure the future of sports in a sustainable way. has been recognized as one of Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work (2009 & 2010); by Triathlete Magazine as one of Triathlete’s Best Places to Work (2010); as one of the top 100 bike shops in the US by the National Bicycle Dealers Association (2010 & 2011); as a top 10 triathlon store by Triathlon America (2011); by Comerica Bank as one of Arizona’s 50 Companies to Watch (October 2008); as one of BizAZ’s Top 35 Entrepreneurs Under 35 (June 2008); by Wells Fargo with their Copper Cactus Award for Business Growth (October 2005); and as Arizona’s Greenest Workplace by Mrs. Green’s World (October 2011).  Learn more about online at

About Technicians For Sustainability

Technicians For Sustainability (TFS) is a locally owned, mission-driven business, committed to walking their talk.  They provide businesses,  public institutions, and residential homeowners with high quality, clean, renewable energy systems, helping to translate environmental values into practical reality.  The company employs proven technologies to meet customers' specific needs, including solar electricity and solar hot water heating.  TFS has installed over 6 megawatts of solar power in southern Arizona.  For more information about Technicians For Sustainability visit

# # #

All Charged Up at Brooklyn Pizza Company

Tucson, AZ- October 3rd, 2011- Brooklyn Pizza Company and Sky Bar announce the installation of two new electric vehicle charging stations in their shared solar covered parking lot.

The two Blink electric vehicle charging stations have been installed near the solar canopies at Brooklyn Pizza Company and Sky Bar on Fourth Ave. These charging stations added to a growing number around town which are being installed as an effort to create infrastructure for electric vehicles. This initiative is part of a $99 million U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) stimulus grant through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  Pima Association of Governments Clean Cities program signed on to the initiative in March 2009. "We are so proud to be a part of Brooklyn Pizza Company's success of being the first commercial public charging station that is solar powered", stated Colleen Crowninshield of PAG's Energy Programs.

Although there are public charging stations installed under the DOE program at local places like Bookmans and Thoroughbred Nissan, these are the first electric vehicle charging stations in Arizona to connect solar power to electric vehicle charging. Electric vehicles offer independence from imported oil, as well as significantly lower transportation costs. Combined with renewable energy, they also offer an attractive alternative to fossil fuel based transportation.

The Level 2 (240 V) charging stations, which offer a full charge in just a few hours, were installed by Ecotality, in partnership with the Electric Vehicle Project, and the Pima Association of Governments (PAG). Ecotality won the DOE contract to install 200 level 2 stations in Arizona by January 2012. Sites were selected with the assistance of PAG.

According to Tony Vaccaro, owner of Brooklyn Pizza and Sky Bar, the charging station parking spots are open to any electric vehicles whose owners wish to park in the lot and charge their vehicles while on Fourth Avenue. Visitors can plug in while they shop or top off while they dine.

Robert Clingaman, of Tucson LEAF Owners, a local electric vehicle owners group, says his group plans to gather to recognize this company's dedication to solar power and to celebrate the installation of the two Blink charging stations in November.

About Brooklyn Pizza Company

Established in 1996 on Tucson's historic 4th Avenue, Brooklyn Pizza Company quickly became a local favorite. It provides top notch pizza in a happy, fun, and lively environment. Their goal is to make every dining experience an enjoyable one, with prompt service, high quality food, and fair prices.

About Technicians For Sustainability

Technicians For Sustainability (TFS) is a locally owned, mission-driven business, committed to walking their talk. They provide businesses, public institutions, and residential homeowners with high-quality, clean, renewable energy systems, helping to translate environmental values into a practical reality. The company employs proven technologies to meet customer's specific needs, including solar electricity and solar hot water heating. TFS has installed over two megawatts of solar power in southern Arizona. For more information about Technicians For Sustainability visit

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On the Web:


Anthony Vaccaro Kevin Koch
Brooklyn Pizza Company Technicians for Sustainability
520-622-6868 520-740-0736

Soup Kitchen Saves with Solar

Tucson, AZ- October 3rd, 2011- Casa Maria Soup Kitchen announces the completion of its rooftop solar power system. The 3.87 kW solar electric (photovoltaic) system was paid for by a grant from Technicians for Sustainability, an incentive from Tucson Electric Power (TEP), and private donations. Producing over $70 dollars worth of electricity each month, the solar array will allow Casa Maria to use a greater proportion of its budget to go toward feeding those in need, their primary mission.

Located on an old adobe home at 352 E 25th St, the 18 panel solar array is a visual reminder of how solar is spreading in southern Arizona, even to places as unlikely as a soup kitchen. The cost for the project was around $22,000, with $7,750 offset by TEP’s incentive program, Sun Share. Casa Maria Soup Kitchen was also awarded a solar grant, worth over $7,000, through Technicians for Sustainability (TFS), a local solar installation company. The rest of the system costs were made up through private donations resulting in an entirely free solar array for Casa Maria.

"Solar in Tucson is not limited to huge public installations or large homes. We are a DOE Solar America City because of the strong solar community that has developed in Tucson. One important aspect of that community is helping non-profits go solar. This solar grant program from TFS is a good demonstration of the strength of the Tucson solar community", says Bruce Plenk, City of Tucson Solar Coordinator.

The newly solar powered soup kitchen subsists entirely off of private donations, and manages to feed hundreds of hungry Tucsonans daily. The significant utility savings resulting from the solar energy production will free up approximately $36,000 over the solar array’s 30 year life span, helping the kitchen to dish out its mission to the many needy individuals served each day. According to Casa Maria volunteer, Jerry Gill, "This solar system gives us an opportunity to extend our commitment to serving the poor with justice and in harmony with the earth. We already participate in recycling day old food donated by various food stores and restaurants, as well as used clothing from different private donors. We also grow some food of our own. Now, not only will we be able to save a considerable sum of money, but we will lessen our carbon footprint at the same time."

About Casa Maria

Casa Maria’s mission as part of the lay Catholic Worker movement, founded in 1930 in New York City by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin, is to practice daily the love and compassion of Jesus and to implement the teachings of his Sermon on the Mount by being in solidarity with the poor. At Casa Maria they are committed to acts of mercy, voluntary poverty, pacifism and to the work of justice for the poor.

At their Free Kitchen, they daily serve lunch to 600 single persons, many of whom are homeless, and they provide a family food bag to more than 200 families who are on the edge of poverty. They also have a free Medical Mobile Clinic twice every week, a program for Vaccines for Cats and Dogs, and offer American Citizenship Lessons in Spanish and leadership and Community Organizer Training also in Spanish. Brian Flagg has been the director of Casa Maria for over 25 years.

About Technicians For Sustainability

Technicians For Sustainability (TFS) is a locally owned, mission-driven business, committed to walking their talk. They provide businesses, public institutions, and residential homeowners with high-quality, clean, renewable energy systems, helping to translate environmental values into a practical reality. The company employs proven technologies to meet customer's specific needs, including solar electricity and solar hot water heating. TFS has installed over two megawatts of solar power in southern Arizona. For more information about Technicians For Sustainability visit

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Jerry Gill Joe Salkowski Kevin Koch
Casa Maria Volunteer Tucson Electric Power Technicians for Sustainability
520-762-0807 520-884-3625 520-740-0736


Amity Foundation

Amity Foundation is seeking a grant from TFS to install a solar energy system at their Circle Tree Ranch campus located in Tucson, AZ.

Social Actions

Amity has provided treatment services to the men, women, and children of Tucson for over 42 years. Intent on addressing the needs of the most marginalized individuals of our society, particularly substance abuse treatment and all of its attendant issues: poverty, prejudice, violence, trauma, homelessness, and family restoration, Amity has been at the forefront of efforts to lead individuals into transformational change using the Teaching and Therapeutic Community (TC) model. Amity firmly believes that sustainable living is not only integral to personal responsibility, but also integral to the future of our global community.

Amity descended from the Tucson Awareness House (TAH), incorporated in 1969 to address the crisis of narcotic use amongst local adolescents, and later evolved to meet community needs.  In the mid-80’s TAH changed its corporate name to Amity and is the oldest, dedicated substance abuse treatment agency in Arizona.

From 1980 through today, Amity has allowed children of parents receiving residential treatment to live with them, and was one of the first treatment programs in Arizona to recognize the need to allowing children to stay with their mothers.

Environmental Actions

* Amity Foundation has implemented an energy and resource conservation program. In 2007, Amity Foundation took the lead among Therapeutic Communities in practices promoting environmental sustainability. After analyzing the agency’s vehicle gas expenditures, the findings prompted us to trade in most of the leased vehicle fleet in favor of fuel-efficient hybrid models.

* Amity also integrated a greywater system to irrigate its Tucson campus’ 55-acre, natural desert landscape, and are working to ensure that new construction on Amity campuses meet LEED’s Gold standard for certification. Light bulbs throughout the campus were changed to either LED or energy-saver bulbs, reducing the campus electric bills by nearly 40%.

* During 2010, Amity lead more than 300 participants through the Awakening the Dreamer: Changing the Dream symposium, a half-day workshop designed to awaken and inspire people to take action in pursuit of a fair, peaceful, and sustainable future.

* Amity recently installed recycling receptacles in its dining room and offices, to enhance recycling efforts. Commercial recycling bins have been on the campus since 2007. Bottled water is no longer purchased through our food services department, and the back part of the property is being prepared for gardening to supply the campus with organic produce.

* Additionally, preparations are being made to send faculty and students to papercrete workshops in hopes of integrating this sustainable construction into future renovations.  All students and faculty are encouraged to practice sustainable living in their own homes, and environmental sustainability has been added to all employee awareness training.

Coyote TaskForce

Coyote TaskForce is seeking a grant from TFS to install a solar energy system at their downtown Tucson building housing Our Place Clubhouse and Café 54.

Social Efforts

Coyote TaskForce is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in May of 1989 dedicated to improving the lives of individuals living with Serious Mental Illness (SMI) throughout Pima County. Our Place Clubhouse and Café 54, housed within the same building at 66 E. Pennington, work hand in hand to provide a spectrum of essential services in which members are involved every step of the way. In order to support members in upholding our mission, branches of Coyote TaskForce have been created specializing in key areas.

Based on the Fountain House Model of Rehabilitation, Our Place Clubhouse members take on the bulk of running day to day operations of four units comprised of:  (1) Re-Threads Thrift Store, (2) Employment and Education, (3) Food and Kitchen and (4) Resource and Advocacy. Members of the Clubhouse also work together to write articles for and produce a monthly newsletter, ‘Free Spirit’.

Community members enrolled in a behavioral health program may apply to become trainees at Café 54. In our award winning training program, trainees work with job coaches and a job developer to learn essential restaurant skills as well as general employment skills.  We aim to assist trainees to become independent, tax-paying citizens and to provide the community at large with a pool of reliable employees who have had training and firsthand experience working in a quality restaurant setting. Reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness by shifting focus from disabilities to abilities is a key objective of Café 54.

Environmental Efforts

Coyote TaskForce has long demonstrated their commitment to the environment. In 1998 the organization purchased and renovated its current Our Place Clubhouse building, constructed in the 1930’s and located in the heart of downtown Tucson. At that time, Coyote TaskForce secured a state grant focused on refitting the building with energy efficient  heating, cooling, and lighting systems.

The 54 Green Team is comprised of individuals who care deeply about the environment and feel a strong responsibility to use natural resources wisely and efficiently. The 54 Green Team mission includes:

1. Raising awareness and educating members and staff about sustainable practices

2. Forming relationships with local organizations in support of environmentally sound practices

3. Consistent re-evaluation of internal use of resources and brainstorming of new ways to realize our environmental values

4. Researching and purchasing environmentally friendly products

These goals are implemented in the following ways:

* Food waste has been reduced through the implementation of a chicken feed program coupled with creative, yet appropriate, use of leftovers. Our chefs frequently partner with Marana Farm, using locally grown produce and teaching summer sessions on the topic of food security. We are currently strategizing with Marana Farm to develop a compost program.

* Recycling is a priority at Coyote TaskForce with frequent informational sessions being facilitated with members and staff. All glass, cardboard, and tin products used in our programs are recycled and Café 54 uses compostable take out containers, cups and utensils.  In the spirit of conservation, Re-Threads thrift store offers quality used clothing.

* All tips from Café 54 go towards the Art Foundation, which provides free art materials to individuals in the behavioral health community and encourages its recipients to re-purpose available items into their projects.

* Café 54 has also recently contracted with Native Seeds to weigh and package seeds.

* In addition to these efforts, Coyote TaskForce employees take steps towards a sustainable future in their own lives by using bicycles as their primary mode of transportation, with still more utilizing Sun Tran bus services.

Celebrate Your Solar

TFS customers throughout Southern Arizona are showing their solar pride and promoting the solar power movement.  Making the switch from fossil fuels not only benefits you, but also our shared environmental future. Below are a few ways that you can let your fellow community members know you are making a difference. Once again, thank you for playing an incredible role in promoting solar power and helping to make the world a better place to live.

The TFS "Show Us Your Solar" Campaign

Our customers serve as inspiration to others in their community and we would would love to see photos of you with your PV, solar hot water and/or rainwater system! Feel free to get creative and let your personality shine through. We would love to feature you on our website. Please send your photos to

My Solar Story

TEP posts brief stories of individuals who have installed solar energy systems. You can even submit photos and videos along with your story, if you choose.  To share your solar story, click here.

Green Pueblo Map

The Green Pueblo Map provides a sampling of what makes Tucson a "Green Pueblo.” The map is part of the growing international Green Map movement, and it is supported by a collaborative partnership between Pima County, The Inner Connection, and the City of Tucson. Want to join the Green Pueblo Map? Visit the website here and click “Make Your Mark."