Coyote TaskForce is seeking a grant from TFS to install a solar energy system at their downtown Tucson building housing Our Place Clubhouse and Café 54.

Social Efforts

Coyote TaskForce is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in May of 1989 dedicated to improving the lives of individuals living with Serious Mental Illness (SMI) throughout Pima County. Our Place Clubhouse and Café 54, housed within the same building at 66 E. Pennington, work hand in hand to provide a spectrum of essential services in which members are involved every step of the way. In order to support members in upholding our mission, branches of Coyote TaskForce have been created specializing in key areas.

Based on the Fountain House Model of Rehabilitation, Our Place Clubhouse members take on the bulk of running day to day operations of four units comprised of:  (1) Re-Threads Thrift Store, (2) Employment and Education, (3) Food and Kitchen and (4) Resource and Advocacy. Members of the Clubhouse also work together to write articles for and produce a monthly newsletter, ‘Free Spirit’.

Community members enrolled in a behavioral health program may apply to become trainees at Café 54. In our award winning training program, trainees work with job coaches and a job developer to learn essential restaurant skills as well as general employment skills.  We aim to assist trainees to become independent, tax-paying citizens and to provide the community at large with a pool of reliable employees who have had training and firsthand experience working in a quality restaurant setting. Reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness by shifting focus from disabilities to abilities is a key objective of Café 54.

Environmental Efforts

Coyote TaskForce has long demonstrated their commitment to the environment. In 1998 the organization purchased and renovated its current Our Place Clubhouse building, constructed in the 1930’s and located in the heart of downtown Tucson. At that time, Coyote TaskForce secured a state grant focused on refitting the building with energy efficient  heating, cooling, and lighting systems.

The 54 Green Team is comprised of individuals who care deeply about the environment and feel a strong responsibility to use natural resources wisely and efficiently. The 54 Green Team mission includes:

1. Raising awareness and educating members and staff about sustainable practices

2. Forming relationships with local organizations in support of environmentally sound practices

3. Consistent re-evaluation of internal use of resources and brainstorming of new ways to realize our environmental values

4. Researching and purchasing environmentally friendly products

These goals are implemented in the following ways:

* Food waste has been reduced through the implementation of a chicken feed program coupled with creative, yet appropriate, use of leftovers. Our chefs frequently partner with Marana Farm, using locally grown produce and teaching summer sessions on the topic of food security. We are currently strategizing with Marana Farm to develop a compost program.

* Recycling is a priority at Coyote TaskForce with frequent informational sessions being facilitated with members and staff. All glass, cardboard, and tin products used in our programs are recycled and Café 54 uses compostable take out containers, cups and utensils.  In the spirit of conservation, Re-Threads thrift store offers quality used clothing.

* All tips from Café 54 go towards the Art Foundation, which provides free art materials to individuals in the behavioral health community and encourages its recipients to re-purpose available items into their projects.

* Café 54 has also recently contracted with Native Seeds to weigh and package seeds.

* In addition to these efforts, Coyote TaskForce employees take steps towards a sustainable future in their own lives by using bicycles as their primary mode of transportation, with still more utilizing Sun Tran bus services.