Amity Foundation is seeking a grant from TFS to install a solar energy system at their Circle Tree Ranch campus located in Tucson, AZ.

Social Actions

Amity has provided treatment services to the men, women, and children of Tucson for over 42 years. Intent on addressing the needs of the most marginalized individuals of our society, particularly substance abuse treatment and all of its attendant issues: poverty, prejudice, violence, trauma, homelessness, and family restoration, Amity has been at the forefront of efforts to lead individuals into transformational change using the Teaching and Therapeutic Community (TC) model. Amity firmly believes that sustainable living is not only integral to personal responsibility, but also integral to the future of our global community.

Amity descended from the Tucson Awareness House (TAH), incorporated in 1969 to address the crisis of narcotic use amongst local adolescents, and later evolved to meet community needs.  In the mid-80’s TAH changed its corporate name to Amity and is the oldest, dedicated substance abuse treatment agency in Arizona.

From 1980 through today, Amity has allowed children of parents receiving residential treatment to live with them, and was one of the first treatment programs in Arizona to recognize the need to allowing children to stay with their mothers.

Environmental Actions

* Amity Foundation has implemented an energy and resource conservation program. In 2007, Amity Foundation took the lead among Therapeutic Communities in practices promoting environmental sustainability. After analyzing the agency’s vehicle gas expenditures, the findings prompted us to trade in most of the leased vehicle fleet in favor of fuel-efficient hybrid models.

* Amity also integrated a greywater system to irrigate its Tucson campus’ 55-acre, natural desert landscape, and are working to ensure that new construction on Amity campuses meet LEED’s Gold standard for certification. Light bulbs throughout the campus were changed to either LED or energy-saver bulbs, reducing the campus electric bills by nearly 40%.

* During 2010, Amity lead more than 300 participants through the Awakening the Dreamer: Changing the Dream symposium, a half-day workshop designed to awaken and inspire people to take action in pursuit of a fair, peaceful, and sustainable future.

* Amity recently installed recycling receptacles in its dining room and offices, to enhance recycling efforts. Commercial recycling bins have been on the campus since 2007. Bottled water is no longer purchased through our food services department, and the back part of the property is being prepared for gardening to supply the campus with organic produce.

* Additionally, preparations are being made to send faculty and students to papercrete workshops in hopes of integrating this sustainable construction into future renovations.  All students and faculty are encouraged to practice sustainable living in their own homes, and environmental sustainability has been added to all employee awareness training.