The Nonviolence Legacy Project offers training programs in Tucson and, on April 9th and 16th from 10 am to 5 pm, they are offering  an introduction to Kingian Nonviolence for both youth and adults.  This two-day training covers information about nonviolence as a courageous way of life and a powerful strategy for social change.  Participants will read and discuss Pilgrimage to Nonviolence and Letter from a Birmingham Jail and learn to apply Dr. King's six principles and six steps of nonviolence to their life and human rights issues of our time.  For more information, please visit the Culture of Peace Alliance website. Register: (520) 991-6781;

Location: Devereux Arizona Training Rm, 6141 E Grant Rd.

Cost: Adults = $25; College Students = $15; High School Students = $5.