Learn from the gurus of green, as local experts share tips, info, and ways to go green and save greenbacks at the Green Living Fair. Discover steps for energy savings, resource conservation, organic gardening, composting, green building/remodeling, weatherization, home water management, food choices,transportation options, zero waste, rain water harvesting, solar, and more. Curious about the HabiStore? The Green Living Fair in Partnership with AFV Day Odyssey gives you an opportunity to donate, shop for great deals, and explore ways to add more green to your life. The event is FREE and FREE green prizes will be given away,every have hour, during the Fair!

For more information – call the HabiStore at 889-7200.

When: October 16, 2010, 10am - 2pm

Where: At the HabiStore -- 3840 S. Palo Verde at Ajo (SW corner of Ajo and Palo Verde)