As part of our mission, we believe we have a social responsibility to educate our fellow community members about solar energy and the importance of employing renewable resources. We are always willing to speak with local groups about sustainability and solar power.

Solar Open HouseSolar Open House

We understand and appreciate that each of our customers serve as an inspiration to their community by doing their part in creating a sustainable future.  Often, our customers  find that neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers are curious about how their new solar PV system works, the cost, current financial incentives, environmental benefits, etc.

In conjunction with our community outreach, TFS will arrange a fun and informative Open House where we will feature your system and explain the “ins and outs” of solar energy. Simply invite your guests, and TFS will provide a "Solar For Homeowners" presentation, a tour of your system, refreshments, and personalized Q & A.  If you would like more information, contact our community outreach coordinator, Tiernay Marsh, at (520)740-0736 or

Solar Educational Talks with TFS

Solar Energy 101

We've created a one-hour grassroots education program to inform our fellow community members about solar technology and sustainability. The focus of this program is to inform consumers about the facts of residential solar energy.

The program features free educational presentations, web resources, and targeted information to assist homeowners in making decisions about investing in a solar energy system. If you are interested in having TFS as a guest speaker, contact our community outreach coordinator, Tiernay Marsh, at (520)740-0736 or