On April 24th from 8am to 12pm, WMG's Co-op invites you to participate in a special joint Co-op workshop extravaganza.  Two neighboring members of WMG's Co-op will host simultaneous Co-op workshops.  Participants will install a greywater system at one residence, and a culvert-style cistern at the other.  Members of the general community may participate either as Co-op workshop volunteers, or may attend an 11am workshop tour.  Tour participants will learn how to reduce their utility bills by properly managing on-site natural resources, while beautifying their site and enhancing the local environment.  Suggested donation for the tour is $5.  To sign up to participate in one of the Co-op workshops or to register for the tour, RSVP to co-op@watershedmg.org or by calling 520-396-3266. Co-op Bazaar, 12:00pm to 2pm

Watershed Management Group invites the Tucson community to its inaugural Co-op Bazaar, which will be held at Mansfield Park.  This is your opportunity to practice your bartering skills!  All are invited to barter home-grown produce, skills, and volunteer workshop hours with our water harvesting Co-op.  WMG's Co-op is based on the barn-raising model, where people volunteer their labor to build sustainable systems (like water harvesting systems) and in turn earn the ability to host a workshop at their own home with a volunteer crew and certified workshop instructor. In order to join the bartering fun, please sign up with Matthew Bertrand, WMG's Co-op Coordinator at matthew@watershedmg.org or call 520-396-3266.  When signing up, you will need to list the produce (e.g. fruits, vegetables, chicken eggs, herbs, native edibles) or skills (e.g. tutoring, personal training, home repair, babysitting) you have to barter. The event will also include live music.